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Microsoft Fabric video for Festive Tech Calendar 2023

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In this post I want to cover my Microsoft Fabric video for Festive Tech Calendar 2023. Which was released today.

Which shows various demos within Microsoft Fabric. Plus, covers some material that is relevant for the DP-600 exam.

You can watch my ‘Viewing a list of Christmas presents within Microsoft Fabric‘ video by either clicking on the link or on the picture below.

Microsoft Fabric video for Festive Tech Calendar 2023
Me wearing my new Christmas sweater for the video

I promised I would get a new Christmas sweater if my session was selected. Since I wore the same sweater for the last few Festive Tech Calendar videos. As you can see, I am a man of my word.

Anyway, it is worth noting that I share plenty of links in this post.

Important Festive Tech Calendar 2023 points

Before I talk about the video, I want to highlight the fact that this years Festive Tech Calendar is raising money for the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

A lot of us community professionals are dedicating our own time to put all the fantastic content coming out this month. You can view the schedule towards the bottom of the Festive Tech Calendar page.

I think everybody involved would appreciate it if you donated to this great cause. You can donate by going to the Festive Tech Calendar JustGiving page.

Another key point I want to highlight this year is that you can win a prize courtesy of Avanade.

To be eligible to enter the prize draw you must post on LinkedIn about something you are passionate about, mention @Avanade in the post and include the hashtag #PassionForTech.

Prize giveaway courtesy of Avanade

Unfortunately, I am not eligible to it do to the fact that they are my employer, so good luck to everybody else who enters.

Finally, a big thanks to everybody involved in this years Festive Tech Calendar. Including the organizers and all the people contributing towards such a large amount of content.

About my Microsoft Fabric video for Festive Tech Calendar 2023

At the start of the video, you can hear my musical jingle. Followed by me doing my introduction wearing the new Christmas sweater.

My introduction also includes my bio. Where I highlight some where you can find me in various places. Including this blog and my GitHub site. Plus, the details about this years Festive Tech Calendar that I mentioned above.

I then do my very unique overview of Microsoft Fabric. Which contains some elements that will be familiar to those of you who watched the session I co-presented with Pragati Jain (l/t) at Data Toboggan recently.

Where I highlight the two groups of services I recommend when working with Microsoft Fabric. Plus, I highlight how some of the Microsoft Fabric items interact with each other.

Microsoft Fabric demos in the video

After my unique overview I then show various demos for the rest of the video.

I start by showing how you can query the Delta tables that I created as part of last years video. Where I showed how to create them from source files with Azure Databricks. I decided to cover this since it is a popular topic of conversation.

I then show how you can load the contents of the source csv files by using either Dataflows or Data pipelines. To highlight the fact that you there are both low-code/no-code and deep coding methods to ingest data in Microsoft Fabric.

In addition, I show you how you can call a notebook within a Data pipeline.

For those interested, I covered notebooks and some other elements shown in this video recently in another post. Which covers spreading your SQL Server wings with Microsoft Fabric Lakehouses.

Even though that post is aimed at SQL Server professionals, other professionals can learn things in that post as well.

Finally, I show a few examples of what can be done with the data once it is in a Delta table. Including creating Power BI reports and working with Data Activator.

Final words

I hope those who watch my Festive Tech Calendar 2023 contribution this year have as much fun watching it as I did whilst making it. Plus, the rest of the great content made available this month.

Please, if you have enjoyed any of the Festive Tech Calendar content donate to though the Festive Tech Calendar JustGiving page.

As always, if you have any comments or queries about this post feel free to reach out to me.

Finally, for those of you who celebrate them, happy holidays and as the sweater says have a vantastic Christmas.

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