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My name’s Kevin Chant and I’m a Data Engineering Manager. Originally, I am from the South West of the UK. However, I now live in the Netherlands.

I’ve worked in the IT sector since the days of Windows 95.

Over the years has supported various Data Platforms for companies in various sectors. Including companies that are in the Fortune 500 list. I have gained a reputation over the years of making significant system and process improvements where required.

Over the years I have dealt all things relating to the Microsoft Data Platform. For example, I have have many years experience with SQL Server and more recently Microsoft Azure Data Engineering services like Azure Synapse Analytics.

In addition, I have experience with other technologies as well. Like Azure DevOps and Hadoop. Plus, areas including compliancy and automation.

Subsequently, I have gained over twenty Microsoft certifications over the years. Furthermore, was probably the last ever person in the world to gain the MCSD Azure Architect certification.

In addition, I am a dual-category Microsoft MVP. Awarded in both Data Platform and Developer Technologies. Feel free to view my public MVP public profile under Kevin Chant.

I have shared knowledge in various ways over the years. In addition, I have been involved in events around Europe in various ways. For example on LinkedIn. Where you can find me using the user friendly URL of Kevin-Chant.

Kevin Chant outside of technology

Of course, there’s a lot more to me than that. For example, I once took part in Prudential RideLondon for Team MacMillan. To raise money for a very good cause.

I now intend to post in one single place to benefit others and to keep everything centralized.

All views expressed in this blog are purely my own and not my employer or any other entities. Please do not reproduce the content for your own material unless you gain my permission first.

Kevin Chant

Kevin Chant
Kevin Chant