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DP-600 exam page update

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In this post I want to highlight a DP-600 exam page update that has taken place since my previous post about it. Where I shared my thoughts about the new Microsoft Fabric certification.

DP-600 exam for the new Microsoft Certified: Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate certification

Because now you can scroll down past the skills measured and view the recommended Learning Paths in Microsoft Learn.

DP-600 exam page update

Which is good news for those looking to take the beta version of this exam when it is available next month. Because now you know what Microsoft Fabric material to focus on.

If you intend to take the beta exam next month, my advice is to go through all the recommended material at least once before you take the exam.

Other training resources

It looks like there is no official training courses for it available yet for the DP-600 exam. However, Microsoft provides plenty of online material about Microsoft Fabric.

Plus, there are plenty of community resources to help you study for the beta exam.

For example, when I scroll through the content on the DP-600 exam page, I can see some material that I covered in my Festive Tech Calendar video that was released this week. For example, Dataflows Gen2 and Data Pipelines.

Data Pipeline shown in my Festive Tech Calendar video
Data Pipeline shown in my Festive Tech Calendar video

In addition, I have covered some of the material in various posts already. Such as my one about spreading your SQL Server wings with Microsoft Fabric Lakehouses. Where I covered various aspects that are contained in the modules.

Plus, I have shared exam advice in various other posts that are related to Microsoft Fabric in the past. For example, my post about recommended certifications for Power BI enthusiasts.

Which contains details about the PL-300 certification for Power BI. Which is worth looking at since a lot of the material is relevant for Microsoft Fabric.

In addition, others are sharing DP-600 content as well. Which you can find through your search engine of choice.

DP-600 session at Fabric February

If you would prefer to attend an in-person session about the DP-600 exam, Pragati Jain (l/t) and myself will be co-presenting about the DP-600 exam at Fabric February in Norway. Alongside sessions by other great presenters.

Feel free to come along with any questions that you have about the exam or just general exam tips. Both of us have taken plenty of exams over the years so more than happy to help.

Final words about this DP-600 exam page update

Anyway, I hope raising awareness about this DP-600 exam page update encourages some of you to complete the training modules.

Because I am a big advocate for certifications. Having presented about them at events such as PASS Data Community Summit 2022 and Data Toboggan.

Which is why I am very keen for people to prepare for this exam and formalize their knowledge about the topics covered more.

Of course, if you have any comments or queries about this post feel free to reach out to me.

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