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T-SQL Tuesday 169 – Thank you to my old SQL team

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For this months T-SQL Tuesday contribution I want to say thank you to my old SQL team.

Before I go any further, I want to thank Kay Sauter who hosts this months T-SQL Tuesday.

Kay invites us all to talk say thank you to anybody who has helped us. Which in my case is the members of my old SQL team for a large Dutch bank.

You can read the original invitation by clicking on this link for the T-SQL Tuesday 169 invitation or on the image below.

T-SQL Tuesday 169 - Thank you to my old SQL team
T-SQL Tuesday

Admittedly it has been a while since my last T-SQL Tuesday post. So, it is good to do one again. Even though I do have another post being published on the same day about my Festive Tech Calendar video is being released.

Thank you to my old SQL team

In reality, there is a lot of people I can thank for various things. Including all those who shared their knowledge over the years.

However, around this time of year my old SQL team from when I worked for a large Dutch bank tends to spring to mind. Whom I was the Product Owner for. Mostly due to the fact that I stopped working with them around the same time of year as this post.

I have mentioned them a couple of times in the past in a couple of posts. Including my T-SQL Tuesday 165 post.

We went through a lot together including a lot of high demands. Even during lockdown when times were tough.

Including an interesting journey to work with Azure DevOps. Which led to the team delivering one of the best proof of concept demos that I ever worked with.

Admittedly, there may have been some pizza bribery on my part. But it was worth every cent just to see a manager smile afterwards.

I did say thank you to the majority of them during my last week. Plus, they said thank you to me after I had finished in a fantastic way as well.

So, I just want to say a very public thank you to all of them on here.

Anyway, that sums up my gratitude. If you have any comments or queries relating to this post, feel free to reach out to me.

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