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Recommended certifications for Azure Databricks enthusiasts

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Since this is my first post of the year, I want to cover some recommended certifications for Azure Databricks enthusiasts.

In my last post I provided some advice if Microsoft certifications are your New Years resolution. I thought I better do a follow-up that provided some recommended certifications for Azure Databricks along with some other advice.

Recommended Microsoft role-based certifications

As far as the Microsoft role-based certifications are concerned the certification to aim for is the Azure Data Engineer Associate certification. Since it contains the most Azure Databricks content.

Azure Data Engineer Associate certification for Azure Databricks enthusiasts
Azure Data Engineer Associate certification

Please note that the old DP-200 and the DP-201 exams you had to pass in the past to gain this certification are now retired. You must now pass the DP-203 exam to gain this certification.

However, I recommend at the very least studying the material for the DP-900 exam first. Which is the exam you need to pass to gain the Azure Data Fundamentals certification. To get a basic understanding of all the services that the DP-203 exam covers.

Azure Data Fundamentals

Below is an ideal exam route for those wanting to learn Azure Databricks through Microsoft certifications.

Ideal exam route for Azure Databricks enthusiasts though Microsoft certifications
Ideal exam route for Azure Databricks enthusiasts though Microsoft certifications

However, if you really want to specialize in Azure Databricks, I recommend the below route.

Recommended route if want to specialize in Azure Databricks

Be aware that the skills measured for the DP-203 exam are due to be updated on February 6, 2023.

You can find out more advice about Microsoft certifications in my previous post. Where I offer advice if Microsoft certifications are your New Years resolution.

Databricks certifications

As I mentioned in a previous post you can gain various certifications from Databricks themselves. You can get an overview of their certifications on the Databricks Certification and Badging page.

One key point I must highlight is that some of you who are reading this are eligible to log into the Databricks Academy. Which you can log into if you are a Databricks customer, Databricks partner or you are a Microsoft employee.

I strongly recommend you check if this option is available to you. Because it is a great resource for training material.

In addition, I strongly recommend you gain at least one accreditation before looking to gain a certification. For example, the two below can put you in a good place if you are looking to gain the Data Engineer Associate certification.

Databricks accreditation for Databricks enthusiasts

Databricks currently has a limited offer up until January 31, 2023. They will reward any Databricks user who has a valid Lakehouse Fundamentals accreditation with seventy-five percent off Databricks Certification voucher.

You can read more about this limited time offer in their recent post on how to achieve Your Goals With Databricks Certifications.

Note that the Data Engineer Associate certification is changing to a new version. Which Andy Cutler covers in a blog post.

Of course, there is a large amount of other Azure Databricks material that you can use as well. For example the videos by Advancing Analytics.

Recommended Azure Databricks certification route

I got an interesting question from somebody recently. Because they were planning to do other Microsoft role-based certifications in addition to a Databricks certification.

It was relating to which order to do the certifications. My recommendation is to look to gain the Databricks certifications straight after gaining the Azure Data Engineering certification and then look at other role-based certifications afterwards.

That way you keep up your momentum of Databricks knowledge and reduce context switching.

Of course, you can look to just do the Databricks certifications. However, doing this means that you miss out on the connection with other Azure services.

Final words about recommended certifications for Azure Databricks

I hope my recommended certifications for Azure Databricks has helped make things clear for some of you. Especially since some of you have new certifications in mind as part of your New Year resolutions.

Of course, if you have any comments or queries about this post feel free to reach out to me.

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