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When a duet becomes a trio for SQLBits

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In this post I want to cover when a duet becomes a trio for SQLBits. Because new speaker Kay Cordewener (@KayCordewener on Twitter) will be teaming up with myself and Sander Stad to present Azure DevOps trio.

Towards the end of this post, I will also cover something else Azure DevOps related that has put a smile on my face.

When a duet becomes a trio

As some of you know myself and Sander Stad co-present a session called Azure DevOps Duet. Where we show Data Platform professionals how to do certain things in Azure DevOps. For example, how to do CI/CD for Azure SQL Databases and Azure Synapse SQL Pools.

To keep in the spirit of new speakers presenting at SQLBits we wanted Kay to join us for this fifty-minute session. With Kay joining us our duet becomes a trio especially for SQLBits.

Azure DevOps trio where a duet becomes a trio for SQLBits at SQLBits
When a duet becomes a trio for SQLBits

In addition to the ‘Azure DevOps trio’ session, Kay will be presenting his first ever session the day beforehand at SQLBits. He will be co-presenting a twenty-minute session called ‘Azure Data Engineering services used to analyze data’.

Which means that Kays first and second ever sessions will be presented at SQLBits. Which I think is very impressive. I know Kay is very excited about this and I hope everybody else supports Kay as much as we will be.

Me and Sander are both excited about our duet becoming a trio for SQLBits. Because we are both keen on helping new speakers. In fact, this will be the second Kay that Sander has supported recently. Because he also mentored Kay Sauter for his first ever session at DataWeekender.

Kay’s co-presenters are presenting another session together on the Friday as well called ‘GitHub and Azure DevOps Duet – SQLBits edition’. Plus, before the general sessions they are presenting an Azure DevOps based Training Day at SQLBits 2022 for Data Platform professionals.

Professional Azure DevOps for the real-world

Of course, there will be a lot of other great speakers at SQLBits as well. You can view all the sessions on the SQLBits 2022 agenda.

Other news

I do have some other news to share in this post as well. In my last T-SQL Tuesday post I mentioned that I am now a member of SogetiLabs. Today I am pleased to announce that my first-ever whitepaper has been published for SogetiLabs on the same day as this post.

It is as an introduction to Azure DevOps. I must admit, the invitation to write it took me by surprise. Mostly due to the fact that I always thought that if I had a whitepaper published it would be about one of the Microsoft Data Platform services.

However, having it published has put a smile on my face. Who knows, maybe it will persuade some of you to join myself and Sander Stad for our Azure DevOps based Training Day at SQLBits 2022 as well?

Anyway, you can now download the whitepaper ‘A quick introduction to Azure DevOps‘.

Final words about a duet becoming a trio for SQLBits

I really hope everybody supports Kay as a duet becomes a trio for SQLBits 2022. In addition, when he presents the day beforehand as well.

I know Kay professionally and I am certain he is going to do great. For full disclosure, we do work for the same company.

Of course, if you have any comments or queries about this post feel free to reach out to me.

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