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Initial thoughts about second DataWeekender

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I want to cover some initial thoughts about second DataWeekender in this post. Because it took place last weekend and it is still fresh in my mind.

Weeks before the event started the six of us in the organization team had a big challenge. Due to the fact that we had so amazing sessions submitted for the event. Believe me selecting the sixty-minute sessions and the ten-minute lightning talks out of all of them took a while.

If we do decide to do another DataWeekender I encourage everybody to submit again. In addition, others as well. Something I will talk a bit more about later in the post.

Before the event started us organizers done our usual checks. Of course, I had the same concerns as others usually do before an event this size happens. Especially since we had more speakers this time round.

In fact, we did have a couple of issues before the event started. Luckily, two of our moderators, Marcin Gminsky and Benni De Jagere, were able to help with the issues. So, a massive thanks to Marcin and Benni for that.

Talking about our moderators, again a big thanks to all of you. Without the help of all of you DataWeekender would be a very different experience. If we do another DataWeekender I really do hope you all come forward to help again.

Track one

I have to admit I sat through track one for the entire event. In reality, I was up a lot earlier on Saturday morning to check everything last minute. After that, I sat through track one right up until the very end.

Which was both good and bad. Because it meant I had to miss some amazing sessions in other tracks.

However, it did mean I get to see some amazing sessions. Talking about track one, a really massive thank you to Kendra Little who stepped in last minute to cover for a speaker who had to drop out. Like the other sessions in track one her new session was amazing to watch.

Plus, on a more personal note I was very impressed with Kendra’s consistent use of the main branch naming convention.

Being an Azure Data Studio myself I was pleased to see some speakers using it in track one.

Personal touch

Now, as some of you in track one knows we did things a bit differently this year. For example, between sessions we encouraged attendees to turn on their mic’s and talk. In fact, Craig Porteous also encouraged attendees to do this to ask questions during his session.

Another thing I did was have a very quick lunch before the official lunch break. So that I could interact with attendees during the official lunch break. I decided to do this to give the event a more personal touch. Especially since we are not all able to meet in person at the moment.

Of course, the moderators in track one joined in with this as well. If you happened to be in track one whilst we were doing this I would love to know what your thoughts were about it?

Third DataWeekender

Now this was a fairly common question on Saturday, apart from asking if the sessions were recorded. Which was will there be a this DataWeekender?

Simple answer is that it depends on a number of things. We are still collecting feedback from everybody at the moment and the six of us in the organization team have a lot of things to discuss.

Like the others I do have so many thoughts at the moment relating to the second one and the possibility of a third. In reality, I’m sure over the next few days I will have more thoughts as well since I am writing this post just over a day since it ended.

On a side note, whilst relaxing after the event I did quickly look on social media. During which time I saw some interesting discussions from some Data Platform community members about other things.

In fact, one of the discussions did give me food for thought as it’s something that means a lot to the organization team.

With this in mind I will say one thing. If we do decide to do a third DataWeekender, I actively encourage members of the Data Platform community who feel strongly about diversity and inclusiveness to submit sessions about them.

As long as it sends a positive message and you do not intend name any organizations or individuals we will seriously consider them. You have my personal word on that.

After all, we have already had sessions about mental well-being and racial equity at DataWeekender.

Final word

Well there’s my initial second DataWeekender thoughts, plus some thoughts if a third one does happen.

If you did attend the second DataWeekender you are more than welcome to provide your feedback with a comment. In addition, you can also give official feedback for it by clicking here.

Of course, you are more than welcome to say if you want a third DataWeekender to happen as well.

Initial thoughts about second DataWeekender
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