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Speaking at SQL Saturday Oslo

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In this post I want to cover fact that I was speaking at SQL Saturday Oslo over the weekend. Because it was certainly an event to remember for all the right reasons.

For a start, it was the first time I had presented for SQL Saturday Oslo. It seemed to be a well-organized event, and the communication was really good.

I was co-presenting ‘Azure DevOps Duet’ with Sander Stad again. However, we premiered a new demo especially for SQL Saturday Oslo. Because we wanted to include a new addition to one our demos as a surprise for one of the organizers.


It was an interesting demo for a variety of reasons. Including the fact that it was using some things which are fairly new.

We first showed how you can create a Git repository from a Command line. Which would include a yaml file for Azure pipelines. We then showed how you can open that repository using Azure Data Studio Insiders build and make changes.

Afterwards I showed how an Azure pipeline would run from that yaml file to run unit tests and deploy updates to SQL Server databases in different environments. All done using the same dacpac that had being created.

I’m certain most similar demos would end there. However, we took this demo a bit further. Because we also synced that repository in Azure DevOps with a repository in GitHub.

Which then automatically ran a workflow within GitHub Actions once the sync had finished. If you missed this part and want to know what the workflow in GitHub Actions does then you will have to watch us at SQL Saturday Gothenburg (see below).

Now this demo is as unique as it sounds. Especially since we provide additional information whilst going through it. Like the Azure Data Studio Insiders Build tip I shared in my last post. Which you can read in detail here.

After we had done our session we stayed online so that we could be asked questions. We ended up answering some questions for around ten minutes afterwards.

It felt really good doing this. In fact, it left an impression on me and I can’t put my finger on why yet. Maybe it’s because it made me realize that becoming a Microsoft Certified Trainer was the right things to do.

Anyway, a big thanks to Rune, Johan and everybody else who was involved with SQL Saturday Oslo.

SQL Saturday Gothenburg

In fact, we will probably add something else new to this demo as well. So, if you missed it at SQL Saturday Oslo you can watch it at SQL Saturday Gothenburg.

Because this demo appeared to go down well we are going to use it as part of our session again. Because this Saturday we are co-presenting at SQL Saturday Gothenburg.

Of course, there will be other great speakers presenting at SQL Saturday Gothenburg as well. Plus, the room names are interesting.

You can view the full schedule in detail here.

Post recommendation

On the Sunday after we had presented at SQL Saturday Oslo, Azure MVP Gregor Suttie published a post called ‘GitHub Actions 101’. It sounds like Gregor is creating a series of posts about his journey to learning GitHub Actions.

I suspect this series will be an eye opener for some people. You can read the post he published in detail here.

Final word

I did enjoy speaking at SQL Saturday Oslo.

If you attended the session and still have any questions feel free to reach out. Alternatively, feel free to attend our session at SQL Saturday Saturday as well and ask there after seeing what we change.

Of course, if you have any feedback about this post or the demo we showed on Saturday feel free to leave a comment.

Speaking at SQL Saturday Oslo
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