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Busy month ahead

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In this post I want to cover the fact I have a busy month ahead. In addition, I want to share a useful Azure Data Studio tip towards the end of this post.

SQL Saturdays

During the next month I am co-presenting with Sander Stad at various SQL Saturdays. I want to promote all three of these SQL Saturdays to everybody since you can attend them all online.

First of all, we are co-presenting ‘Azure DevOps Duet’ at SQL Saturday Oslo on Saturday 29th August. Where we will premiere a new demo involving Azure Data Studio Insiders Build, Azure DevOps and GitHub Actions. We are doing this at the request of one of the organizers.

It’s my first time presenting for SQL Saturday Oslo so looking forward to it. You can view the full schedule for SQL Saturday Oslo in detail here.

Next, on Saturday 5th September we will be presenting our session at SQL Saturday Gothenburg. Just like Oslo it will be my first time presenting for SQL Saturday Gothenburg. So, I am really excited for this one as well.

You can view the full schedule for SQL Saturday Gothenburg in detail here.

Finally, on Saturday 26th September we will be presenting our session at SQL Saturday Denmark.

SQL Saturday Denmark was one of the first places I presented my database Adventure session. I really enjoyed presenting there last time and looking forward to doing it again.

You can view the full schedule for SQL Saturday Denmark in detail here.

Busy month ahead

Same session only different

One thing I want to mention is that even though we are presenting ‘Azure DevOps Duet’ at three SQL Saturdays over the next month each one will be different.

We mostly do this because we realize that people worldwide attend these virtual events. Plus, at times our session has been recorded. So, we wanted to make sure you can attend our session more than once and see some new things.

For example, last night we showed something new during our Microsoft Data and AI South Florida session. We showed how to manage Database Projects within Azure Data Studio Insiders Build.

In addition, I mentioned a useful tip to show the difference between the Azure Data Studio stable build and the Insiders Build. Which I share again at the end of this post.

At SQL Saturday Oslo we will be expanding on that demo by showing it again with both Azure DevOps and GitHub Actions.

Which again will be the first time we show that demo for anybody who wants to see it.

Other things

Me and Sander are also busy with other community things over the following month. For example, we will be making a video of our ‘Battle tested project planning with Azure DevOps boards’ session for SQLBits.

We have an interesting idea for our SQLBits video and just waiting for approval that we are allowed to do it before giving anything away. You can view the schedule for the day our session is due to be shown at SQLBits here.

In addition to the video, Sander has a couple of other videos to make and I have the DataWeekender conference to organize. Plus, we are due to speak at another user group as well. We are just waiting for final confirmation before announcing it.

As you can see its a busy time for the pair of us. With this in mind, we will probably commit to presenting ‘Azure DevOps Duet’ again after the DataWeekender conference has taken place. Which you can read more about in detail here.

Azure Data Studio tip

Since I realize that in this post I have been promoting speaking engagements and DataWeekender I want to balance it out by sharing a tip. Which is how to tell the difference between the two versions of Azure Data Studio.

Currently the logo for the stable build of Azure Data Studio is mostly blue. For Azure Data Studio Insiders Build the logo is green. If you think of these along the lines of the blue-green deployment methodology it’s easier to tell the difference between the two.

You can read more about the blue-green deployment methodology here.

Final word

As you can see we both have a busy month ahead.

My main points of doing this post was to make it clear we change our session every time we present it and to promote where we are speaking. Because after these we will be taking a short break until after the DataWeekender conference.

As always, you are more than welcome to comment about anything in this post.

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