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Looking at the bigger picture

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I want to talk about looking at the bigger picture in this post. Because it’s advice I tend to give out to people now and again.

I remember watching a thriller years ago where at the end one of the main characters was able to see the bigger picture. Nowadays, I tend to use this to concept to explain why certain things are being done.

For example, say you are looking to use Azure DevOps to work on a certain pipeline. Where do you start?

Do you look to replicate every step that you have in your current deployment mechanism? Alternatively, do you take a step back and look at what you are trying to achieve overall?

If you take the first approach you could end up copying what you already have elsewhere, including its flaws. In addition, the time you spend reproducing exactly what you already have can be costly.

SQL Server processes

Another good example of this is if you look to automate something you do manually with SQL Server.

In reality, you could create an automated version of each manual process. However, a more efficient solution is looking at what you are trying to achieve overall.

Ask yourself if there is a more efficient way to do parts of it. For example, would it be easier to use dbatools instead of writing your own steps?

In addition, if some steps even need to be done still.

Visual example

I thought I would provide a more visual way to explain this as well.

Looking at the bigger picture

In the above image you see some calming water, so it is easy to focus on this particular area. However, if you were close to this water in real life and were focusing on it you could miss out on the bigger picture below.

Looking at the bigger picture

The bigger picture

On the other hand, taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture of what you are trying to achieve can reap benefits.

For instance, you could figure out how to reduce technical waste or introduce a more efficient process. I know at times people are concerned about process change. However, as well all know change can be necessary.

In reality, there can be reasons why certain processes are in place. However, you only know if it’s possible to change a process if you ask. Sometimes a change of process is welcome, especially if it improves the flow of work.

Final word

I hope you enjoyed my post about looking at the bigger picture. Because I know it’s easy for people to get caught up with something they are working closely on, so I wanted to remind everybody.

Of course, if you have any views about this post you are more than welcome to leave a comment.

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