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DataWeekender is an inclusive event

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In this post I want to cover a step we have taken to ensure DataWeekender is an inclusive event. Because all of us organizers feel it is necessary.

With this in mind we have made a slight change to our Code of Conduct. Which you can read in detail here.

Our main change to reflect the fact that we are an inclusive event is as below.

“We ask speakers to use inclusive terminology in their presentations. IEFT guidelines are here.”

In other words, the master-slave metaphor will not be welcome at the next DataWeekender.


Why we have done this for a very simple reason. We want to ensure that DataWeekender is an inclusive event for everybody globally.

As event organizers we felt we had a responsibility to introduce this into our Code of Conduct.


If you follow the link in the quote or click here you can see a list of alternatives.

As I discussed in a previous post I have already renamed my main branches for my sessions. Because I think a little bit of effort goes a long way to show respect for attendees. Which you can read in detail here.


If you are going to post about your support for us taking this step feel free to use the image below.

Call for speakers

I thought I better mention about our Call for speakers since we are being asked about it a lot. It will appear shortly, so watch this space.

Registering to attend

You can sign up to attend the next DataWeekender which is happening on October 17th here.

Final word

We feel that the step we have taken to ensure DataWeekender is an inclusive event is an important one.

In addition, we hope other event organizers will do the same. Because we owe that to everybody in the community that supports our events.

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  1. Thomas Hütter Thomas Hütter

    While I am all for DataWeekender being an inclusive event for everybody globally, that IETF list might turn out not to be perfect, either. It suggests “leader-follower” as one alternative to “master-slave”. Now, leader translates to “Führer” in German. I guess most of you (older) folks know what connotation that term has, the younger part of the audience can easily find out about it…

    • Kevin Kevin

      I see your point. Maybe it’s some feedback you can give to the IEFT.

  2. […] Our stance on diversity and having an inclusive event does not end there either. For this DataWeekender we decided that the master/slave metaphor would not be welcome in any of the sessions. You can read a previous post about that here. […]

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