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Speaking at Lightup Virtual Conference

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I am speaking at the Lightup Virtual Conference next week. Which makes me very proud because it’s for a good cause.

I will briefly explain what the conference is about to raise awareness of it and also to encourage you all to donate towards it.

Lightup is a 24 hour live virtual conference which starts on July 14th at 9am Eastern time. Which is 2PM British Summer Time.

It will be raising money for UNICEF so that it can be used for their COVID-19 relief fund around the world.

All of the sessions are based on Microsoft technologies. In addition, there will be session in both English and Spanish.

As you can see on their website there are also many other great speakers from around the world speaking at this event. Including Elizabeth Noble, Gianluca Sartori, Jess Pomfret and fellow DataWeekender organizer Mark Hayes.

You can read more about the conference in detail here. More importantly, you can make a donation here.

Azure DevOps Duet

At this moment in time myself and Sander Stad are due to co-present our session ‘Azure DevOps Duet’ at 5PM Eastern Time. Which is 11PM Central European Standard Time, so it will be a late night for us two. We’ve both agreed that is fine though for such a good cause.

Speaking at Lightup Virtual Conference

Our session is about how a development team and an operations team have to bond together and start using Azure DevOps for SQL Server related deployments.

Me and Sander make an interesting duo for this session. Because Sander is a Microsoft MVP and I’m a Microsoft Certified DevOps Engineer Expert. We also both have years of SQL Server experience behind us. In addition, I’m currently Product Owner for a four-figure number of SQL Server instances.

I know a lot of people are facing difficult times at the moment. However, a lot of us are spending our free time to be a part of this 24-hour effort. Especially the organizers and producers who are listed here.

I think I speak for all involved when I say that any donations towards UNICEF would be greatly appreciated.

Final word

I’m glad me and Sander will be speaking at the Lightup Virtual Conference and are able to do our part during these tough times.

If you can donate then please do so, the link for donations again is here.

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