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Providing feedback to Microsoft can work

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In this post I want to talk about the fact that providing feedback to Microsoft can work. Because of some recent activity.

In fact, it’s mostly based on a previous post where I covered some SQL Server and Azure Data Studio feedback that I had given to Microsoft. You can read that post in detail here.

SQL Server feedback

First update I want to give is about feedback that was definitely effective. Which was about the effect of long running queries running during online index operations.

After some discussions on the feedback page a new paragraph was added which you can see for yourself here . You can read the entire thread about the feedback in detail here.

I am definitely pleased that this was updated because it clearly shows that providing feedback works.

Second update I want to give is about my feedback about the current recommendations for when to either reorganize or rebuild an index. After some discussions it’s been agreed that the request will be handed over to the product group for evaluation.

So, we will just have to wait and see if anything happens about these old recommendations. You can read the thread about the feedback in detail here.

SQL Server documentation updates

In reality, if you are certain your proposed changes to SQL Server documentation are definitely right there is an alternative. Because you can edit the documentation yourself and submit the proposed changes.

In fact, there is a guide for how you can do this here. I only decided to send feedback instead due to technical reasons. Especially as far as the recommendation for the index fragmentation levels are concerned.

Azure Data Studio feedback

I previously mentioned that I had given some Azure Data Studio feedback as well. Which was about a password issue that I discovered.

If you look at the feedback item here you can see that it is now resolved. In fact, it appears to be in the latest version of Azure Data Studio insiders build as below. Hence, I expect it to appear in the general release soon.

If you want a bit more insight into how this request was handled you can also view the Pull request for it here. I think this level of transparency is really good.

Final word

I hope that this post helps show that providing feedback to Microsoft can work. I hope it encourages more people to provide feedback as well. Because as the saying goes, you don’t get what you don’t ask for.

If you have any views about anything in this post feel free to leave a comment.

Providing feedback to Microsoft can work
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