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Data Community Weekender Europe updates

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In this post I want to cover the latest Data Community Weekender Europe updates since my last post. Which you can read in detail here.

If you look online you will see we have had some fantastic sessions submitted so far. Because we’ve decided to show which sessions have being submitted.

Of course, we’re still gladly accepting session submissions until April 17th. So, if you’re also interested in submitting a session for this event our call for speakers/papers page can be found here.

Just a gentle reminder as well that anybody worldwide can submit a Microsoft Data Platform related session for this event.

In addition, Gethyn Ellis has offered on LinkedIn to help potential first-time conference speakers who are thinking about submitting for this event. Gethyn is another organizer and you can reach out to him through his LinkedIn profile here.

Another recent update is that we now have a meetup page for the event. Which shows off our impressive new event logo. Which you can view in detail here.

You can also view the new logo on the Twitter account for the event here.

Of course, those who have read some of my previous posts may see why I am a bit biased about the logo. However, I cannot take the credit for it because the source was from another organizer.


Now there are a few things which makes this event different from other Data Platform conferences currently being planned. One of which is that this conference takes place on a Saturday.

I did have an open conversation with one of the organizers of one of the other community Data Platform events about this. Because we are both involved with these conferences for the benefit of the community.

We’re hosting Data Community Weekender Europe on a Saturday for a good reason.

It’s true that a lot of people who are currently working from home are able to view online sessions on another screen.

However, a lot of people like myself are still expected to focus on work during the weekdays. For instance, a lot of people are expected to take part in more meetings now that they are working remotely. Which makes it harder for them to focus on anything else.

For example, the other week I signed up for a webinar and could only watch the last session because I was in online meetings all afternoon. It’s one of the reasons why I suggested we did a conference over the weekend.

Another advantage is that if you do attend this conference you’re not fixed to attending it at your desk.

In fact, I’m seriously considering attend the event from the luxury of my sofa. Of course, if you do intend to watch it from the comfort of your sofa check with anybody you live with first.


I think it’s good that the community has a variety of online conferences to choose from. Especially when all of these conferences have a variety of things that make them unique.

Ours replaces the void left by some cancelled or postponed events and is hosted by team of Europeans from various countries. Others are focusing on introductory level sessions and having theirs during the weekdays.

In reality, there’s such a wide number of people in the Microsoft Data Platform community that there is at least one online event for everyone.

Of course, I’d love for you to attend ours. Because everybody involved is putting a lot of effort into it. Including working on things over the Easter period.

In fact, a lot of the latest Data Community Weekender Europe updates that I have mentioned in this post were worked on over Easter. Of course, so was this post.

Which shows just how dedicated everybody involved with this event are.

Final word

Well that’s the latest Data Community Weekender Europe updates by the team covered.

I hope it’s got others as excited about the event as I am. It’s a unique conference and I am glad to be part of the team.

Of course, if you have any comments or queries about the event you are more than welcome to leave a comment. Or contact me privately if needed.

Data Community Weekender Europe updates
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