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Data Community Weekender Europe call for speakers now open

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In this post I want to cover the fact that Data Community Weekender Europe call for speakers is now open. Which you can find here.

In fact, this event is based on the idea I talked about in my last post. Which you can read about in detail here.

After reaching out online a few interested organizers and volunteers from postponed or cancelled events in Europe came back to us. Which led to an initial meeting online.

I have to admit during the meeting things kind of escalated fairly quickly. Which is how the event started to form and the name Data Community Weekender Europe came to be.


Now, the idea is that this event will be organized by various organizers and volunteers from cancelled or postponed SQL Server/Data Platform events around Europe.

At this moment in time we have six people from around Europe involved. However, we are aware of others in a similar situation in Europe, and we would really like for you to join us.

Because this is a true team driven event, and we really want people in the same position in any of the forty-four countries in Europe to join us.

If you are interested contact either myself or Gethyn Ellis asap so that we can get you involved. Because things are moving fast for this event.


Even though I was not an organizer or volunteer for an event this year, my involvement with this event is due to another reason.

After a few years hiatus from being involved in community events, Gethyn Ellis persuaded me to be get involved again. Because this was my original idea.

As some people will vouch for, I have put a lot of effort into events I have been involved with in the past.

With this in mind, I definitely intend to put in my side of the effort for the team.


As far as speakers are concerned, anybody around the world can submit a Data Platform related session for this event. Especially all of you who were due to present at cancelled or postponed events.

Of course, we welcome submissions from others as well.

Call for speakers ends on April 17 11:59 PM Central European Time. So, you have until then to submit your sessions.

Before anybody asks, somebody else suggested with the logo on the call for speakers page. Because they saw it as my background during our meeting and they thought it looked good.


Attendees will soon be able to register for this event and I will keep you updated. In addition, if you want to follow updates about it on Twitter you can search for #DataWeekender.

Final word

I am excited about the fact that Data Community Weekender Europe call for speakers is now open. It’s been a while since dealt with submissions so hoping to see an interesting variety of them.

In addition, I hope some of you who were involved with postponed or cancelled Data Platform events do contact us. So that we can make this a more united event.

Of course, if you have any questions about it please feel free to contact me.

Data Community Weekender Europe call for speakers
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  1. Great post Kevin. I’d encourage anyone who wants to speak to get involved.

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