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Beautiful Azure Boards query

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In this post I want to cover a beautiful Azure Boards query that I created. Because a while ago I mentioned that I had logged a feedback item to Microsoft about Azure DevOps.

In particular, with them adding a ‘Not’ option when filtering tags. You can read that post in detail here. In addition, you can read the feedback item with Microsoft in detail here.

Anyway, since I posted about providing feedback I thought I better point out my workaround for it. Which was to create a managed query for it.

Having worked with SQL Server for many years I was fairly excited when I discovered I could create custom queries.

However, instead of using a SQL like language you create the queries in Azure Boards using a GUI based query editor. In fact, for a lot of us who worked with GUI based designers in the past the query editor may seem fairly familiar.

After some testing I was able to return results for backlog items that did not contain a certain tag. Another key point here was that I was able to save the query and distribute the link for others to use.

In fact, it was a colleague who initially called it a beautiful query.

One thing I should mention is that you have to tune these queries to exactly what you want returned. Especially if your project contains multiple boards.

For me this shows just how in depth all the features in Azure DevOps really is when you dive into all the features deeper.

I realise that some of you working with the Data Platform might think this does not apply to you. But trust me, one day you might find yourself in a Product Owner role and responsible for items like this.

Final word

I do hope you have enjoyed this Azure DevOps driven post. Like always if you have any thoughts about this topic you can leave a comment.

As I mentioned before in a previous post here Sander Stad and myself have submitted some Azure DevOps related sessions for next years SQLBits. Including one that is a full session devoted to Azure Boards.

In addition, we have submitted for other events as well like SQL Saturday Edinburgh. So, maybe you will see us present at one.

Beautiful Azure Boards query
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