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SQLBits 2020 session options

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I’ve decided to submit some interesting SQLBits session options for next year’s event in 2020 which everybody can vote for. Mostly because I’ve been discussing some options with a potential co-presenter.

Database Adventure

First option is an updated version of my original Database Adventure session. Which is my original audience interactive session that I have been presenting around Europe over the last couple of years.

For instance, I presented it at this year’s SQLBits and at the dataMinds Connect conference in Belgium. In addition, I have also presented it at a fair few SQL Saturdays around Europe and have added fresh content to every event.

In reality, whenever I update this session, I have to rehearse it a lot because of all the different outcomes. Hence, a lot of hours are spent in preparation for this unique session before every event.

Of course, if I was selected to present it again at SQLBits there certainly would be fresh SQL Server 2019 and Azure content for it. Mostly because of all the work I have been doing for SQL Server 2019 and the Azure Advent calendar as of late.

In reality, I was in two minds about submitting this session again. However, after some peer pressure and some great feedback recently I have decided to submit it for next year’s SQLBits.

So, if you’re keen to see me present this session again at SQLBits then vote for it if possible here.

Azure DevOps sessions

Second option that people can vote for are some Azure DevOps related sessions. Which I would co-present with Sander Stad if any of them were selected.

I’ve decided to present some Azure DevOps related sessions for a number of reasons.

For instance, one reason is because I am currently the Product Owner of just under two thousand SQL Server instances. Which I talked about in detail in a previous post here,

Due to this a large part of my time is currently spent within Azure DevOps. Furthermore, I have presented Azure DevOps sessions to a couple of other teams for the same client.

In addition, I am currently studying for my Azure DevOps certification to formalise my knowledge on it. In fact, I only have one exam left to pass in order to gain this certification. Which I am hoping to do before the end of this year.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. I am teaming up with Sander Stad to submit a variety of Azure DevOps sessions.

We are submitting an interesting selection of Azure DevOps related session for next year’s event. In fact, they range from an introduction to Azure DevOps to more in-depth sessions about particular sections within Azure DevOps.

We are both equally excited about the sessions that we have come up with together. So, if you are keen to watch us two present any of these sessions feel free to vote if possible for any of the Azure DevOps sessions Sander and myself have submitted here.

Speaker Profile

In addition, there is another way to view all of my submissions for next years SQLBits. You can read my speaker profile on the SQLBits website here.

Final word

If either of these options appeal to you, or even both of them, feel free to vote for the sessions you want to see here if voting is possible.

I know a lot of people are keen on my original Database Adventure session and others are keener on my Azure DevOps knowledge.

With this in mind, feel free to let me know below if you are Team Database Adventure or Team Azure DevOps.

SQLBits 2020 session options
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