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SQL Server 2019 officially released

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At today’s Microsoft Ignite conference SQL Server 2019 was officially released. As some of you are aware SQL Server Release Candidate 1.1 has been around for some time now.

In addition, last week I noticed that the SQL Server documentation site was changed. Now the ‘SQL Server 2019 Preview’ search option is just ‘SQL Server 2019’.

So, after seeing this change I was expecting this week’s announcement.

Now, I have had somebody tell me previously that they do not see what advantages there are with SQL Server 2019.

Apart from the new SQL Server Big Data Clusters addition. Which they suspect will only initially will be in demand for a small percentage of people.

However, I have been testing SQL Server 2019 for some time now. Hence, I have discovered a few interesting facts which I have discussed in previous posts.

In addition, I did a roundup of some of these posts within a post I did about SQL Server 2019 business cases. Which you can read in detail here.

As you can see there are a lot of advantages upgrading to SQL Server 2019. For example, Accelerated Database Recovery.

Which will significantly speed up the time very large databases (VLDB’s) come back online after a service reboot.

However, I am still expecting the option for system databases to be added to Availability Groups though.

In addition, I have checked Visual Studio downloads to see if the official release has appeared yet and can confirm that it is now available to download..

Also, I checked earlier, and the Linux distributions supported for SQL Server 2019 still appears to be the same as for SQL Server 2017.

Further reading

You can read more about SQL Server 2019 in detail at the official Microsoft page for it here.

In addition, you can read the official announcement about SQL Server 2019 being generally available here.

Final word

Well, I’m glad to see SQL Server 2019 officially released. Having used previous CTP’s and Release Candidates I highly recommend looking at it.

SQL Server 2019 officially released
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