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T-SQL Tuesday – Relearning Linux

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T-SQL Tuesday - Relearning Linux

Hello and welcome to my T-SQL Tuesday contribution for this month about relearning Linux. For those of you who want to know more about this months T-SQL Tuesday you can click here.

In the beginning

It all started when a previous employer was looking to implement a Hadoop solution. I got involved and looked at the various options how we could implement it. There was an option to have Hadoop running on Windows however after doing a lot of research realized Hadoop would perform better on Linux.

Relearning Linux

To get Hadoop to run well on Linux I had to relearn Linux again since I pretty much had to learn Linux from scratch. This was mostly because I had last used it briefly many years ago. I ended up reading various Linux documentation and watching online videos by a guy called Andrew Mallett who is also known as the Urban Penguin. After doing all this I gained the Linux Essentials certification.

How it helped me

For all of you who currently work with SQL and are thinking about learning Linux so you can use SQL Server on there I say go for it. I learnt a lot from doing this and it made me feel a lot more comfortable setting up Linux. Plus, it helped me get Hadoop up and running on Red Hat and CentOS servers at the time.

How it can help you

This extra Linux knowledge might help you get Hadoop up and running as well. Plus, it will also help you to test running SQL Server 2017 and Visual Studio Code on Linux. 

Final word

It might seem like a lot of effort, but relearning Linux was worth it. In the past it helped me deploy a Big Data environment. Looking to the future I’m looking to use these skills with SQL Server 2019. I’m really keen to look into using Kubernetes with SQL Server 2019 more. This was covered a lot at Pass Summit. I’m hoping the skills I learned will help me with this. Time will tell.

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