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Thoughts about gaining the Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate certification

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In this post I want to cover my thoughts about gaining the new Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate certification. Which is the new Microsoft Fabric certification.

I gained this certification by passing the DP-600 beta exam along with many others.

I found out that I passed the DP-600 beta exam whilst at MVP summit. So, I celebrated with other Microsoft MVP’s who had passed. On that note, congratulations to everybody else who passed the DP-600 beta exam.

Anyway, after waiting patiently, I finally got the email this week that confirmed that I had gained the certification. Being told I had passed the exam is one thing, but I knew I had to wait until gaining the certification was official.

New Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate certification
New Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate certification

For those who are wondering, if you take the DP-600 exam now and pass you will gain the certification immediately. Due to the fact that it is now generally available.

Once passed, you can share your achievement with others through your Microsoft Learn profile.

Thoughts about gaining the Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate certification

I am glad I passed this exam and gained the certification for a variety of reasons.

For instance, because Microsoft Fabric is still fairly new, I personally think that gaining this certification validates my knowledge about certain aspects of Microsoft Fabric.

Which I suspect is something that is going to be even more crucial as time goes by. Due to the fact that I suspect that enterprises will want their staff to gain Microsoft Fabric certifications before working on certain aspects of it.

It also helped validate me as a trainer for the exam. Which I am glad about since I have been creating and providing custom DP-600 training internally for various colleagues around the world within Avanade.

Of course, I am extremely glad that so many others passed the beta version of the exam as well. I was both pleased and surprised to receive messages from others who had passed because I had helped them in one way or another.

Some of my colleagues thanked me due to the internal training I had provided for them alongside Pragati Jain (l/t).

Other members of the community thanked me because they had gone through some of my blog posts. Like the one where I shared a checklist for the DP-600 exam.

I must admit when I woke up and saw so many messages and mentions the next morning it put a smile on my face. Because it meant that the effort that I put into helping others with this exam was worth it.

Final words

I hope that me sharing my thoughts about gaining the Fabric Analytics Engineer Associate certification inspires others to think about gaining the certification.

You are more than welcome to check out my existing DP-600 related blog posts to help with the exam.

If you are attending the Microsoft Fabric Community Conference next week in Las Vegas you are more than welcome to find me and ask me questions about this topic.

Of course, if you have any comments or queries about this post feel free to reach out to me.

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