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Asking Copilot about the DP-600 exam for Microsoft Fabric

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In this post I want to share some results I got from asking Copilot about the DP-600 exam for Microsoft Fabric. More specifically, I asked Microsoft Copilot in Edge which was formerly known as Bing chat.

Before I go any further, I just want to say Happy New Year all and welcome to 2024.

Anyway, I wanted to do this post because recently I have been on an Artificial Intelligence (AI) journey of my own.

Last month I was showing people what Copilot in Microsoft Fabric was capable of at Microsoft Ignite the Netherlands in the Hague. Plus, I completed the All Avanade Generative AI Learning Path for my employer and looking to take AI exams in 2024.

With this in mind I thought it would be fun to ask Copilot in Edge about the DP-600 exam. Plus, it gives me a reason to create a new AI category for my blog posts.

It gives me a chance to introduce some of you to Copilot in Edge and show how easy it is to do prompt engineering there. In addition, highlight some responsible AI practices.

Because Artificial Intelligence (AI) is definitely becoming more popular, and you need to be aware of its potential. I also wanted to introduce an awareness of how to use it responsibly as well. Especially when I know there have been some discussions as of late about AI generated blog posts.

Along the way I share plenty of links.


Plus, I must stress that if you intend to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to do a similar thing for exams you must be very careful about what sources are used and what is returned.

At the moment the DP-600 exam is fairly new so there is not much content about it outside of Microsoft and selected professionals.

However, be aware that over time this will change. You could inadvertently get results from sources that can breach terms and conditions for taking the exam. Of course, the same applies for other exams as well.

Asking Copilot about the DP-600 exam for Microsoft Fabric

Opening up Copilot in Edge is a simple process. You simply click on the Copilot icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen as highlighted below. Alternatively, you can go to the website as below.

Asking Copilot about the DP-600 exam for Microsoft Fabric
Microsoft Copilot in Edge

Anyway, I selected the “More balanced option”. I then asked how I pass the DP-600 Microsoft exam.

Asking Copilot about the DP-600 exam for Microsoft Fabric

It gave me an impressive amount of text as the results. However, I will not show the results here for various reasons.

Including the fact that I would need to check that the text could have come from elsewhere. Which is one of the reasons why it is not recommended that you use AI to generate a blog post.

It does provide some links where I can find out more about the exam.

Links provided when asking Copilot about the DP-600 exam for Microsoft Fabric

Rather interesting it provides a link to a post about the DP-500 exam. In fact, in the results I received I saw a DP-500 exam reference towards the end. Which means that in AI terms this results could well be a hallucination.

Additional questions about the DP-600 exam for Microsoft Fabric

I then asked if there were any prerequisites for this exam. Again, I saw DP-500 references in the results.

So, I asked specifically if there were any prerequisites for the DP-600 exam using only DP-600 sources for the results. This time I got asked if I wanted to allow Microsoft to access page content.

I selected no to keep it unbiased. You can find out more about this option in the documentation about Bing chat in Microsoft Edge sidebar.

Doing this generated a more target results. With one of the additional links provided being a DP-600 certification post by Nikola Ilic (l).

I finally asked if Kevin Chant recommended anything for the DP-600 exam. It was a pretty accurate response. Since I know this was based on the contents of my blogs, I will share the results below.

As you can see, it also provided hints for some follow-up questions. Out of curiosity, I selected the prompt that suggested to ask who is Kevin Chant.

Rather interestingly the results showed me my old job title. Apparently it decided to mention one referenced in an old blog post instead of the one in my About page or shown in my sessionize profile.

Final words

I hope this post about showing how to ask Copilot about the DP-600 exam for Microsoft Fabric has introduced some of you to new things. Plus, given you ideas about what you can do with it.

Of course, if you have any comments or queries about this post feel free to reach out to me.

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