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Fabric family

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In this post I want to cover my thoughts about people in the community gradually coming together to form a Fabric family.

Fabric family

Along the way I also share plenty of links.

For those wondering, I used the #FabricFamily hashtag when I was writing the below message on X. Which is the site formerly known as Twitter.

However, when I searched on X afterwards I discovered that others had also used the hashtag in reference to Microsoft Fabric as well. Including Gaston Cruz and Adam Saxton (Guy in a Cube).

Increasing Fabric family

Personally, I do think Fabric family accurately describes something significant happening in the Data Platform community at the moment.

Because I have noticed that a lot of people from a variety of platforms are getting more involved with Microsoft Fabric.

Even more so since it was first announced during Microsoft Build. Which was when I first covered it in my post about spreading your SQL Server wings with Microsoft Fabric.

For instance, a lot of Power BI professionals are working with Microsoft Fabric. Such as Pragati Jain (l/t), Reza Rad (l), Marthe Moengen (l) and Nikola Ilic (l) .

Plus, well-established Data Platform professionals from other backgrounds. Including Michelle Gutzait (l), Dinesh Kumar (l) and Andy Cutler (l).

From a Microsoft standpoint you have Power BI experts like Adam Saxton covering Microsoft Fabric. In addition, experts from other backgrounds. Such as Pawel Potanski (l) and Mark-Pryce Mayer (l) who were both formerly in the Synapse team.

I did think about doing a diagram representing the different personas showing an interest in Microsoft Fabric. However, the reality is that is is intended for all and I do not want to try and put it inside a certain box.

Plus, interest in it has risen so much that there are conferences appearing that are dedicated to Microsoft Fabric. Such as Fabric February and the Microsoft Fabric Community Conference.

Final words

Personally, I think it is great that people from different backgrounds are centralizing to work around one product. It is nice to see the lines between the different technologies blurring.

Like I mentioned in my post about the GA announcement I believe in the premise of Microsoft Fabric. It is going to be very interesting to see what happens in the future.

Of course, if you have any comments or queries about this post feel free to reach out to me.

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