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Recommended Microsoft Learn material for Microsoft Fabric

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In this post I want to share my recommended Microsoft Learn material for Microsoft Fabric. For a couple of good reasons that I explain towards the end of this post.

One key point to note is that Microsoft Fabric is now generally available. You can read more about this in detail in the official post by Ryan Majidimehr.

Get started with Microsoft Fabric learning path

My first recommendation is to go complete the get started with Microsoft Fabric learning path in Microsoft Learn.

I originally shared this learning path amongst other recommended resources in my post about spreading your SQL Server wings with Microsoft Fabric.

However, since that post was published a new module has been added for Data Activator. It covers how you can get started with Data Activator in Microsoft Fabric.

As some of you are probably aware, Data Activator was made available during the public preview in Microsoft Fabric. In reality, it was slowly appearing in Microsoft Fabric tenants over a week long period. It was officially announced during the Microsoft Power Platform Conference along with a blog post.

Anyway, I went through this new module just after its release. It is a good module to go through to help you understand the basics.

It comes with a very useful exercise to create your own Reflex as well. Which helps you avoid creating reflex objects in ‘My workspace’ whilst experimenting.

Data Activator items created during exercise

Personally, I found this exercise productive and I recommend going through it.

Preprocess data with Data Wrangler module

Just after this post was published a new Microsoft Learn module was made available to cater for Data Wrangler. It covers how to preprocess data with Data Wrangler in Microsoft Fabric.

In addition, I have been informed that new modules are now being added on a regular basis. Which you can find by going to

I have yet to complete the Data Wrangler module myself. However, I know some of the folks at Microsoft are very keen for feedback about this module. So, if you do try it feel free to share your experiences online.

Other Microsoft Learn material

My second recommendation may not be so obvious to all. However, it is something that I am finding myself saying a lot to others as of late and it is one of my main reasons for doing this post.

Which is to go through the PL-300 exam material for the Power BI Data Analyst Associate certification. Ideally with an aim to pass the exam and gain the certification.

The Power BI Data Analyst Associate certification you can gain by going through the recommended Microsoft Learn material for Microsoft Fabric
Power BI Data Analyst certification

My reason for recommending this is very simple. It is because Microsoft Fabric is founded on the Power BI architecture. Which means that if you go through this material, you will gain a good understanding of the Microsoft Fabric foundation.

Doing this will be extremely useful for those of you who are currently looking at Microsoft Fabric who do not have a strong Power BI background.

In addition, you will get an appreciation for various features such as deployment pipelines.

My third recommendation is probably no surprise to anybody who saw the feedback about my other post about my Microsoft Fabric certification thoughts. Which is to go through the material for the DP-500 exam.

In reality though, I would recommend going through the PL-300 material beforehand.

Go through PL-300 exam material before the DP-500 material

Of course, some of the DP-203 exam material can help as well. However, I personally recommend the above two more.

Final words about recommended Microsoft Learn material for Microsoft Fabric

I hope my recommended Microsoft Learn material for Microsoft Fabric has been an interesting insight for some of you. Especially if you have little or no Power BI experience.

In reality, I could add to it further with some additional material. However, I really wanted to get the points across about the PL-300 exam material and Data Activator.

Of course, if you have any comments or queries about this post feel free to reach out to me.

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