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T-SQL Tuesday 157 – Finishing off outstanding tasks

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For this months T-SQL Tuesday contribution I want to explain why I tend to spend a lot of time finishing off outstanding tasks for my Data Platform environment towards the end of the year.

Garry Bargsley hosts this months T-SQL Tuesday. Garry invites us to write about what we have planned for end-of-year activities for our SQL environments.

You can read the original invitation by clicking on this link for the T-SQL Tuesday 157 invitation or on the image below.

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Finishing off outstanding tasks

As I mentioned in my T-SQL Tuesday 154 contribution, I work with SQL Server a lot less than I did a few years back.

However, I still work a lot with the Microsoft Data Platform. In fact, this month I started working for Avanade. Who focus on the Microsoft platform.

Anyway, most of the companies I work with tend to have what is known as a change freeze towards the end of the year. Which means that a lot of potentially breaking changes do not happen.

I am sure there are a lot of mixed feeling out there about change freezes around the holiday period. Personally, having been contacted over the holidays myself in the past I think they are useful.

It might be frustrating not able to deploy certain things. However, I also know how frustrating it can be when you need to contact key people who are not contactable.

In reality, I tend to still be productive during change freezes. Because in the past they have given me a chance to do other outstanding tasks.

Like planning new environments or new ways to automate processes. I appreciate the chance to change focus and work on things like that.

Final words

Something tells me some of you will relate to this post about me finishing off outstanding tasks during a change freeze.

I must admit that one year I took most of December off instead. In my defence, I had worked most of the time during a pandemic.

Of course, if you have any comments or queries relating to this post feel free to reach out to me.

Thanks Garry for hosting this month. All that is left for me to say is that if you do not read anymore of my posts this month enjoy the holiday period.

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