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Alternative DataWeekender CU5 schedule post

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You can consider this post to be an alternative DataWeekender CU5 schedule post. I did this for one very good reason.

In my previous post about the DataWeekender CU5 schedule I left out some speaker cards. I did this for performance reasons.

However, I want all DataWeekender speakers to get the recognition they deserve. With this in mind, I want to include the rest of the speaker cards in this post. Plus, it gives me a chance to experiment with an alternative format.

DataWeekender CU5 essential details

All the session times shown on the DataWeekender CU5 schedule are in the time zone set on your computer. Which is usually your local time zone. You can register to attend the conference by clicking on this DataWeekender CU5 Meetup link.

Just to confirm DataWeekender CU5 is on May 14 and starts at 9am Central European Summer time (CEST). Which is 7am UTC. You can convert the time using the World Time Buddy website here for certainty.

A big thanks to everybody who submitted to speak at DataWeekender CU5. In addition to contributing to our event you also helped us plant a lot of trees in our tree-nation forest. Which I covered in my Valentines Day post.

Talking about donations, this time around we have decided to raise some funds for Ukrainian children. You can donate online using our gofundme site.

With a target of €1,000 and we will be asking attendees, speakers and organizers to consider making a donation during the event.

DataWeekender recap

Just a quick recap for you all. DataWeekender is a free online conference for the Microsoft Data Platform community. Organized by a team of six volunteers in their own time.

It was the first online Microsoft Data Platform event to appear back in 2020 to make up for cancelled or postponed events around Europe. Because we are so proud of what we have achieved in the past we are going do it for a fifth time.

Just like the before we have put a special stamp on it by naming it CU5. As a homage to Cumulative Updates.

It will take place on Saturday May 14. You can register to attend DataWeekender either through this DataWeekender CU5 Meetup link or by clicking on the below logo.

DataWeekender CU5 logo
DataWeekender CU5 logo

DataWeekender CU5 schedule

During the conference there are short breaks and one thirty-minute one. With this in mind, the review has been split into before and after that break.

DataWeekender CU5 Schedule before thirty-minute break

As you can see on the DataWeekender CU5 schedule we also have plenty of variety again. With sessions covering whole spectrum of application and services. Including Azure Data Engineering services, Power BI and SQL Server.

We have great speakers from all around the world speaking. Starting with a fantastic combination of sixty-minute sessions and lightning talks at 9am CEST.

Including a session about Python for SQL professionals by Indira Bandari. Those of you who work with SQL Server and interested in Azure Data Engineering services may want to attend this one.

There are a variety of sixty-minute sessions at 10:10 CEST. Including two Power BI sessions. One about Charticalculator by Laura-Graham Brown and another about DAX by Fowmy Abdulmuttalib.

10:10 line-up covered in the alternative DataWeekender CU5 schedule post
10:10 line-up

At 11:20 CEST there are a variety of speakers with either new or have little experience presenting sixty-minute sessions at the same time. So, if you want to support an up-and-coming speaker you can attend one of their sessions.

More sixty-minute sessions follow them at 12:30 CEST. Including one about networking for Azure Data Services by Heini Ilmarinen. Which I know a lot of people struggle with. Over in track two, Alpa Buddhabhatti will do an overview of some of these Azure Data services

Plus, Michael Johnson will cover Power BI admin and Sergio Govoni will share some T-SQL magic tricks.

12:30 line-up covered in the alternative DataWeekender CU5 schedule post
12:30 line-up

After those sessions there is a thirty-minute break.

DataWeekender CU5 schedule after thirty-minute break

Followed by another great set of sixty-minute sessions at 14:00 CEST. Including two DataWeekender exclusives.

Deepthi Goguri and Kay Sauter will be co-presenting their session about Azure. Plus, this will be the first time Thomas Hütter presents his session about SQL Server statistics in English.

For those who enjoy demo heavy Power BI sessions, Akshata Revankar will be presenting about Power Query Editor at the same time.

14:00 line-up
14:00 line-up

At 15:10 CEST there are a combination of sixty-minute sessions and lightning talks. Andy Cutler (l/t) and Nikola Ilic (l/t) are co-presenting about the new Enterprise Data Analyst Associate certification. Which will cover the new DP-500 exam that is proving to be very popular.

Shabnam Watson is also presenting a great Power BI related session about Hybrid tables. Plus, Hugo Kornelis is presenting about SQL Server execution plans and David Patrick is going to talk about Dataverse for Teams.

15:10 line-up
15:10 line-up

It is also worth noting the lightning talks taking place at that time. Including ones that cover pie charts and NOLOCK. Which I might raise some eyebrows.

Finally, the day ends with another great set of sessions. Including one about Azure Cosmos DB by Sarah Dutkiewicz. Thanks to Sarah I now know about Stir Trek.

Plus, Paresh Motiwala will share how he cut his SQL Server maintenance window by eighty percent. Something I know a lot of DBA’s aim to do. I watched Paresh present a lightning talk at a previous PASS Summit so this should be interesting.

Even though the main logo has changed again you can still use the original supporter badge to show your support for DataWeekender. You can use this image for things like blog posts.

In addition, you are more than welcome to use this badge as part of your social media picture if you so wish.

You can even put yourself in as the driver as well if you so wish. However, if you intend to add anybody else in the van make sure you ask them first. Otherwise, things might get a bit weird.

DataWeekender badge

Plus, speakers are more than welcome to use the DataWeekender CU5 logo as part of their session.

Final words about the alternative DataWeekender CU5 schedule post

Well, I you all enjoyed this alternative DataWeekender CU5 schedule post.

In reality, I decided to do this post whilst writing the previous post. Which is why I added ‘for now‘ in that post.

You can find out more information about DataWeekender on the DataWeekender website. Of course, if you have any comments or queries about this post feel free to reach out to me.

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