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Microsoft Ignite and DataWeekender in the same week

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I thought to myself that it is a good thing that members of the Microsoft Data Platform community can attend Microsoft Ignite and DataWeekender in the same week. For various reasons.

One of those reasons is due to the weather. In fact, I was thinking about it yesterday whilst outside in the pouring rain.

In reality, there are other technical events happening elsewhere this week. However, I focus on these two in particular because they involve the Microsoft Data Platform community.

That aside, with so many great updates happening as of late it is great that there are two different conferences happening on very different days of the week.

Microsoft Ignite and DataWeekender

Microsoft Ignite is the first event to take place this week. Which is hosted by Microsoft themselves. It is always a great event and full of technical updates and advice. This time around it is running from Tuesday November 2 to Thursday November 4. If you look at the session schedule you can see just how many sessions are available.

I checked earlier and you can still register for this years Microsoft Ignite.

For those of you who enjoy Microsoft Data Platform events, DataWeekender v4.2 is happening later in the week. It is organized by various members of the Microsoft Data Platform community, including myself. Covering various topics including Power BI and SQL Server.

It is an online Data Platform conference held on Saturday November 6. All the sessions on the schedule are shown live on the day. I have to admit I do prefer live sessions. Because I think it gives them a more personal touch. I know a lot of other speakers prefer this format as well.

You can register for DataWeekender v4.2 on the Meetup page, which you can access by clicking the link or on the logo below.

DataWeekender v4.2 logo, which you can attend in same week as Microsoft ignite
DataWeekender v4.2

It is ideal for those who attend weekend events for one reason or another. Of course, it is even better for those of you who wants to attend Microsoft Ignite and a community-based Data Platform event like DataWeekender in the same week.

You can read what I have to say about the DataWeekender v4.2 schedule being live in another post. One thing I will promote here is that we have placed five speakers or have little or no speaking experience in the same time slot. So, if you want to support any of these up-and-coming speakers you can attend of their sessions at 11:20 Central European Time (10:20 UTC).

Final words

It is a great week for events for those of us in the Microsoft Data Platform community.

Personally, I am very excited that I can attend Microsoft Ignite and DataWeekender in the same week. Both as an attendee at Microsoft Ignite and an organizer for DataWeekender.

To be honest I am also hoping to attend some DataWeekender sessions in various tracks during the day as well. I will not reveal which ones though, I will leave that as a surprise.

In case you missed them, here are the links again to register for both this years Microsoft Ignite and DataWeekender.

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