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DataWeekender v3.1 conference experience

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In this post I want to share my DataWeekender v3.1 conference experience during the day. Because this experience was slightly different for me than before.

You can find out more about the free Microsoft Data Platform conference that took place over the weekend here. Anyway, as some of you who attended already know I was responsible for track one again this time around. In fact, I got to moderate some very interesting sessions.

Including the first session in track one by Anupama Natarajan. Which was the first of three of the new styled one-slide sessions in track one that day. Personally, I really enjoyed moderating this session.

A big thanks as well to Deepthi Goguri and Ferenc Csonka for also moderating sessions in track one. Because it meant I also got to attend some instances in some other tracks this time around.

For example, I got to watch Kay Sauter present his first ever session. Something every speaker has done. His session was about how to provision SQL Server virtual machines on Azure. Credit to Sander Stad as well for mentoring him ahead of this session.

DataWeekender v3.1 Keynote

Another thing that impressed me was DataWeekenders first ever keynote, presented by Buck Woody. Because it covered a lot of the services I have to deal with as part of my new role in a unique way. Plus, some services that I mentioned in another post about Azure Data Engineering services here.

For example, the Azure Data Engineering services like Stream Analytics. In addition, the SQL Server workshops which I have used in the past and discussed in a previous post here.

Credit for DataWeekender v3.1

Of course, credit needs to be given to all involved with DataWeekender. Including the organizers, moderators, speakers, attendees and of course Microsoft for sponsoring the event.

Like I said to somebody last week, I believe DataWeekender opens doors for both speakers and attendees. Because of the speaker diversity policy it put in place last year and the fact it allows speakers worldwide to present. In addition, from the start all attendees have needed to attend this free conference is an internet connection.

What’s next after DataWeekender v3.1 conference?

At the moment I am currently catching up with a big personal challenge I have set myself relating to Power BI.

However, I also intend to attend the first ‘Azure Cloud Native Data Platform User Group’ Meetup this week organized by Ben Weissman and Chris Adkin.

It is taking place on Tuesday March 18th at midday Central European Summer Time (CEST). You can read more about it in detail here.

Final word about DataWeekender v3.1 conference

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading about my DataWeekender v3.1 conference experience.

As always, if you have any comments or queries about this post feel free to reach out to me.

DataWeekender v3.1 experience
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  1. Wilfred van Dijk Wilfred van Dijk

    It would be useful if a session has a level rating displayed in the schedule. This would help the attendee to decide which presentations are useful. It’s sometime hard to find out what the level of the presentation is based on some keynotes

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