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DataWeekender v3.1 schedule and other announcements

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In this post I want to announce the DataWeekender v3.1 schedule and other announcements. Because the schedule is now live.

You can view the schedule by clicking here. All the session times shown are in whatever time zone your computer is set to. Which is usually your local time zone.

However, just to confirm the event starts at 9am Central European Summer time (CEST). You can convert the time using the World Time Buddy website here for certainty.

How to register to attend DataWeekender v3.1

You can attend the conference by signing up through Meetup using the link here. Previously, we hosted the event using Microsoft Teams and we probably will again this time around.

DataWeekender v3.1 Recap

Just a quick recap for you all in case you missed it in my previous post here. DataWeekender is a free online conference for the Microsoft Data Platform community.

It was the first online Microsoft Data Platform event to appear last year to make up for cancelled or postponed events around Europe.

We are proud of what we achieved last year. So, we have decided to do it a third time. Which will make DataWeekender so far, a trilogy.

In reality, we may make some changes this time around. Some of which you will see below. However, our core values relating to inclusiveness and diversity will remain the same.

Other announcements for DataWeekender v3.1

Like I said at the start we have some other announcements to make about this DataWeekender as well.

Firstly, we have decided to take on a sponsor. Because we are a Microsoft Data Platform event it makes sense for them to sponsor us. In the past all the costs for the event came out of the organizers own pockets so this boost helps.

Secondly, this time around we are having a keynote. Buck Woody will be presenting our keynote at 11:20am Central European Summer Time.

Thirdly, we have our own mobile app that you can install on your phone for this DataWeekender. You can install it by clicking here.

Other important firsts for DataWeekender v3.1

We have some other important firsts for our third DataWeekender.

For example, at 9am CEST David Alzamendi will be presenting our first ever Azure Data Factory session. So, those of you who have been talking about Azure Data Factory online recently can attend this session.

Plus, if you want to support new and up and coming speakers Kay Sauter will be presenting for the first time ever at 12pm CEST. In addition, we also have speakers from the last ‘New Stars of Data’ event presenting as well. Including Alpa Buddhabhatti and Tsvetelina Kovacheva.

We made some tough choices putting this schedule together. Because of the high quality of the sessions that were submitted and our speaker diversity policy that we put in place last year.

However, we do offer great variety again. Because we have sessions relating in areas such as DevOps, Azure Data Services, Power BI and SQL Server (both on-premises and in Azure). Presented by speakers from all over the world.

In addition, our schedule also includes a lot of the new one-slide format sessions. Which is where speakers will only use one-slide during the entire 60 minutes of their session. Plus, we are doing lightning talks again.

DataWeekender v3.1 Badges

For those of you speaking at the next DataWeekender you are more than welcome to use the below badge. We encourage you to use this image for things like blog posts.

In addition, you are more than welcome to use this badge as part of your social media picture as if you so wish. Just like others have done before.

For those who are who are not speaking, you can still show your support for DataWeekender by using the badge below. You can use this image for things like blog posts.

In addition, you are more than welcome to use this badge as part of your social media picture as if you so wish.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is DWSupporter-1024x1024.jpg

Final words about DataWeekender v3.1 schedule and other announcements

Really hope you are excited about the DataWeekender v3.1 schedule and the other announcements as I am.

We have gone out of our way to make this conference as unique as possible. Even more so with the introduction of our one-slide session format.

You can click the below image to view the schedule instead of scrolling back up. If you have any comments or queries about this post, or DataWeekender v3.1, feel free to reach out to me.

DataWeekender v3.1 schedule and other announcements
You can click this image to view the schedule
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