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Date for DataWeekender v3.1 has been announced

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In this post I want to cover the fact that the date for DataWeekender v3.1 has been announced earlier today.

DataWeekender v3.1 will take place on May 15th, 2021. We suspect a lot of you will appreciate the name for this one.


Just a quick recap for you all. DataWeekender is a free online conference for the Microsoft Data Platform community.

It was the first online Microsoft Data Platform event to appear last year to make up for cancelled or postponed events around Europe.

Because we are so proud of what we achieved last year we are going do it for a third time. Which will make DataWeekender so far, a trilogy.

In reality, we may make some changes this time around. However, our core values relating to inclusiveness and diversity will remain the same.

How to attend

You can attend by signing up through Meetup using the link here.

Call for speakers

I’ve already been asked about call for speakers. All I can say for now is to get your potential sessions lined up.

We’re hoping to see the usual variety of items. Including all aspects relating to the Microsoft Data Platform. For example, SQL Server, Power BI, Azure Synapse Analytics, DevOps, etc.

Plus, always welcome diverse topics relating to the Microsoft Data Platform. You can view all the previous sessions in the archive section of our website here.


I’m glad I get to post about this because I’ve been quieter than usual on the post front recently. Because I’ve got a few things going on at the moment. Including presenting my first and second ever Azure DevOps training days for a client.

I feel guilty about it, but I can assure you the other things are important.

Final word

Main thing to know is that the date for DataWeekender v3.1 has been announced. It’s going to take place on May 15th. You can sign up to attend from today.

If you intend to submit a session, I look forward to seeing it.

Date for DataWeekender v3.1 has been announced
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