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Great timing for an Azure Synapse Analytics session

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Last week I had some great timing for an Azure Synapse Analytics session. Because of a new Azure Purview integration functionality that appeared just before I was due to present it.

New session

Last Thursday I had to present a new session about using Azure DevOps with Azure Synapse Analytics.

It was an interesting session because I had to introduce Azure Synapse Analytics and Azure DevOps to attendees. In addition, I had to show how to do CI/CD with some elements of it. Including the dedicated SQL Pools, which I talked about in my last post here.

I had practiced this session a lot and was testing everything beforehand. However, right before I was due to present it, I had a very nice surprise. Due to the fact that during my last set of tests before my session the new Azure Purview connection appeared. Which you can see below.

Great timing for an Azure Synapse Analytics session
New Azure Purview connection

For those who have not heard of Azure Purview yet, it is Microsoft’s new unified data governance solution. Since April 2022 it is now known as Microsoft Purview.

I was very excited to see this appear. Of course, it was also great timing as well. Because it meant I got to introduce it during my session. It definitely added to the wow factor when introducing Azure Synapse Analytics.

Having this new offering in Synapse Studio shows just how much it is evolving. In addition, as you can see from the announcement about the integration between Azure Purview and Azure Synapse Analytics last week here, more is yet to come.


My big question now is if it will appear during the Data Toboggan conference this Saturday? Because I know Erwin de Kreuk is due to cover Azure Purview.

I guess we will have to wait to find out.

Final word

I hope reading about my great timing for an Azure Synapse Analytics session. My main intention of this post was to make everybody aware that the Azure Purview integration is now there.

Feel free to leave a comment if you want to share your excitement about this or ask any questions.

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