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Schedule for next DataWeekender is now live

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In this post I want to announce that the schedule for next DataWeekender is now live. Because I feel now is a good time to announce it.

Just a quick recap for you all. DataWeekender is a free online conference for the Microsoft Data Platform community. You can see the full schedule for the next DataWeekender event which is happening on October 17th in detail here.

You can also sign up to attend the next DataWeekender virtual conference here.

In reality, the schedule came out earlier in the week. However, I felt it was appropriate to wait until today to release this post for various reasons.


In reality, speaker selection was really hard because of all the great sessions we received. Because we received over 250 sessions that we had to choose from. We have put in a lot of effort to make sure that we have an interesting variety of speakers for the next DataWeekender conference.

For instance, we have picked a variety of speakers from all around the world. With a mixture of both fairly new and experienced speakers.

With this in mind, we have also done our very best to accommodate for our speaker’s time zones.

For example, Medha Bandari and Martin Catherall are presenting at the start of the conference. Who are from New Zealand and Australia respectively.

Towards the end of the event we have numerous speakers for the United States presenting. Including Kellyn Pot’Vin-Gorman, Glenn Berry and Shabnam Watson. On a side note, congratulations Shabnam on your MVP award you gained this week.

Even though we are dubbing this one ‘The SQL’ we do also have sessions relating to other services within the Data Platform. Such as Azure Synapse Analytics and Quantum computing.

Plus, some more diverse sessions relating to topics like presentation skills and racial equity awareness.

Lightning talks

In addition to the regular sessions we also are doing lightning talks this time around. In fact, we have some very interesting ones from speakers all around the world.

We really do have an interesting variety of those and because of the quality of the lightning talks submitted we do guarantee you one thing.

We will be the first ever Microsoft Data Platform event to show a lightning talk called ‘The Ultimate Van Arcade Game using Power Platform’.

Final word

We are really excited that the schedule for next DataWeekender is now live. Session selection was really hard for the team and it was even harder to come up with best order of the final schedule. Because it takes a bit of thought.

Now the rest of our challenge begins with making sure everything is ready for the event. Because there is only two weeks left to go before it happens.

All that is left for me to say is that I hope you attend the next DataWeekender and feel free to share the details about it with your friends.

Schedule for next DataWeekender is now live
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  1. Please add the timezone to the schedule so I know when to attend

    • Kevin Kevin

      Wilfred, thanks for pointing out something that needs to be highlighted. Our schedule is displayed in whatever timezone your machine is set to be in.

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