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Organize Data Platform presentations using Azure DevOps

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In this post I want to cover how you can organize Data Platform presentations using Azure DevOps. Because this can be very useful for you.

Azure Boards

As some of you know I do a lot of presentations with Sander Stad. Because we change our session every time we present it we have to organize ourselves.

Hence, we have started using Azure Boards ourselves to organize what we do. In fact, we have our own Azure DevOps project that we have configured to use the Scrum.

Which means that every time we are due to present somewhere else we have a scrum sprint in place. Doing this allows us to visualize who is going to what leading up to our session.

Another advantage about using Azure Boards for this is that we can tag each other when discussing backlog items that we have to work on. As well as saving various attachments in them.

Plus, if either of us does anything interesting with a Git repository or a deployment pipeline we can link it to a backlog item.

In addition, doing this proves useful when we go to deliver our session. Because I can show our sprint board as an example. Plus, it gives us some metrics to show on a dashboard.

Organizing work this way also allows us to show how the sprint goal extension looks whilst it’s in use. Both in the sprint board and on a dashboard.

Calendar extension

Another thing we have started doing is using the Calendar extension to keep track of events. Which you can install from the marketplace within Azure DevOps.

Using this extension allows you to enter the events you are due to speak at. Plus, you can enter common types of events for a category to group them in colors as well. As you can see below.

Organize Data Platform presentations using Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps Organization

Before doing any of the above you might want to create your Azure DevOps organization to do this. So that you can use your own project to manage boards in. Doing this will also allow you to test things safely as well.

You can read how to do this in detail here.

Final word

I hope this post on how to organize Data Platform presentations using Azure DevOps helps some of you. It’s a very useful technique to get yourself ready for events.

In addition, it also helps you get used to working with Azure DevOps and working in a Scrum way.

Of course, you can build on this and use other features. If you use a similar method feel free to share what they are with a comment.

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