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Speaking at my first US based SQL Saturday

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I decided to write this post because excited about speaking at my first US based SQL Saturday this weekend. Because for me it’s rather significant.

In reality, I’ve been presenting about SQL Server within Europe for nearly a decade now. Since I pay to attend most of events I speak at myself travelling outside of Europe has tended to be reserved for special occasions.

For example, this year I was planning to attend SQL Saturday Brisbane whilst visiting Australia again. However, due to the COVID-19 update it had to be cancelled. So, instead I agreed to be a moderator for it remotely instead.

Because the majority of events are virtual now more possibilities have opened up. I recently presented at SQL Saturday Chimbote, which is in Peru. Now, I get to present at my first ever US based SQL Saturday. To say that I am excited is a bit of an understatement.

SQL Saturday Iowa

I will be co-presenting our session ‘Azure DevOps Duet’ with Sander Stad this weekend. Which is a tale about how a development team and an operations team have to bond together and start using Azure DevOps for SQL Server related deployments.

Sander is an MVP and I am Microsoft certified for both SQL Server and Azure DevOps. So, we make a good duet for this session.

Speaking at my first US based SQL Saturday

You can read the full abstract for the session in detail here.

Because it’s my first US based SQL Saturday and the session is 75 minutes long we’ve decided to do something different for this session.

In addition, if you watch the session you will noticed we’ve renamed our main branch. Which I discussed doing in my last post and you can read it in detail here.

Of course, there are other great speakers presenting at SQL Saturday Iowa this weekend as well. You can view the full schedule in detail here.

Final word

I’m really excited about the fact that I’m speaking at my first US based SQL Saturday this weekend. I’ve attended one in the past and now I finally get to the opportunity to speak at one.

Of course, the circumstances of it being virtual could be better. However, as I discussed in a previous post here online events are important right now. In addition, they also open up new possibilities.

Of course, if you have any views about this post you are more than welcome to leave a comment.

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