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Passing the AZ-400 DevOps exam

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In this post I want to cover passing the AZ-400 DevOps exam. Which focuses on Azure DevOps and connected technologies.

Even though I’m mostly a Microsoft Data Platform professional I wanted to pass this exam for various reasons. Which are mostly the ones listed below.


First of all, I wanted to formalize my knowledge. Because I use Azure DevOps on a daily basis.

Secondly, I wanted to fill in any blank spots in my knowledge. Because I really like what you can do with Azure DevOps.

To help me fill in blank spots in my knowledge I used mostly did using Microsoft Learn and Pluralsight.

I have to admit I did enjoy learning some new things. Especially since I was able to share some of that knowledge that I had learned elsewhere.

My last main reason is because as some of you I present a session about Azure DevOps these days as well. Including a session at the next SQLBits. With this in mind I want to make sure people realize I know what I am talking about.

Now I know not everybody shares the same mindset as I do about the last reason, or certifications for that matter. However, I just think it’s a nice touch for when I speak about new technology.


In reality, the original plan was for me to do this exam after finishing the Microsoft Professional Program for DevOps. However, as I discussed in a previous post here it was retired last year.

So, I decided to focus on this exam instead. In fact, I was due to take this exam originally in January, but other things happened.

However, after finding out that the exam was changing shortly I decided to take the exam anyway. So, I took my exam last Thursday and passed.

Because I passed this exam and I had already gained the Azure Administrator Associate certification last year, I gained my DevOps Engineer Expert certification.


My advice for anybody looking to revise for this exam is very simple. Read what is required for the exam and be prepared to learn a broad range of things outside of Azure DevOps.

You can read what is required for this exam in detail here.

Final word

Well I am glad I finally get to write a post about passing the AZ-400 DevOps exam. I am very proud that I passed because it has been a long time coming.

Now they do say these things come in threes. Last month was organizing DataWeekender and this month was passing this exam. However, I’ve no idea what next month will bring.

In addition, congratulations to all those who also have passed exams recently. Because I’ve seen a fair few appear on LinkedIn.

Please bear my advice in mind if you are looking to take this exam. If you have any views anything mentioned in this post as always feel free to leave a comment.

Passing the AZ-400 DevOps exam
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