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Significant recent Azure Data Studio updates

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Since it’s been a while since my last post about it I thought I would write about recent Azure Data Studio updates I have been looking at. I wanted to do this post because of other reasons as well.

For instance, the fact that an update for it was released last week during the Microsoft Build conference. So, I suspected there would be some significant updates in it since my last post.

For those who missed my last post about Azure Data Studio, you can read it in detail here.

First Windows Container

I first wanted to test the ‘Deploy a server’ wizard to see if it still worked like it did before. In addition, I thought it would be a good idea to test deploying my first Windows Container with SQL Server installed using the same notebook that the wizard creates.

It’s worth noting here that I only wanted to do this to see if it worked and is not standard practice. In fact, I honestly believe that using Linux based containers for SQL Server is better for various reasons.

After some tweaking I finally got to deploy my first ever Windows container with SQL Server installed. Because this took a while I will discuss how I did it in a future post.

Anyway, after that experiment I decided to look at the latest features announced in the release notes.

I installed both the Machine Learning and RedGate SQL Prompt extensions to see how they looked. Be aware that the RedGate SQL Prompt extension is currently in preview and you have to install the extension from a VSIX package that you download.

I suspect over time the RedGate SQL Prompt extension will become more popular. Especially since it’s fairly popular for use with SQL Server databases in Management Studio.

You can read the release notes for Azure Data Studio in detail here.

SQL Saturday Brisbane

On a side note, I saw Rob Sewell present about using the notebooks within Azure Data Studio at the DataWeekender conference. Which I talked about in a previous post here.

However, if you missed Rob’s session at DataWeekender he will be doing it again at SQL Saturday Brisbane on Saturday 30th May at 4PM Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST).

So, this is a good opportunity for you to see this session about notebooks in Azure Data Studio. You can see the view schedule for SQL Saturday Brisbane in detail here.

Final word

I hope you enjoyed my post about recent Azure Data Studio updates that I have looked at.

Of course, I strongly recommend you look at it again yourself if you have not looked at it for a while. Mostly because of the changes to the design and the new extensions.

If you have a favorite feature in Azure Data Studio feel free to mention it in a comment below.

Recent Azure Data Studio updates
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