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Azure related topics at Data Community Weekender Europe

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In this post I want to list the Azure related topics at Data Community Weekender Europe. Because I want to highlight the amount of Azure based sessions we have at this event.

Just a recap for you all. Data Community Weekender Europe is a free online event which is happening on Saturday 2nd May, hosted by various professionals from around Europe.

We’ve done this to fill the void left by cancelled or postponed events around Europe. We have an impressive 42 sessions on our schedule from speakers around the world. You can view our schedule in detail here.

Of course, anybody around the world is free to attend this event. You can register for the event on our meetup page here.


I wanted to show this post to highlight the variety of Azure related topics at this event. Because I have shared this event in some Azure groups recently and it got me thinking about how many we are actually hosting.

I knew we were hosting a fair few Azure related topics. However, even I was surprised when I did the initial overview list below.

  1. Azure Cognitive Services
  2. Azure Data Lake
  3. Azure Data Studio
  4. Azure Databricks
  5. Azure DevOps
  6. Azure Kubernetes Service
  7. Azure SQL Database
  8. Azure Synapse Analytics
  9. Cosmos DB
  10. Microsoft Power Platform (including Power BI)

As you can see it’s an impressive list. Especially when this is just an initial overview.

For example, if I had broken down the individual parts of Microsoft Power Platform the list would have been longer. Which you can see from the large amount of Power BI related sessions that we have.

In reality, I expect this list to grow for future Microsoft Data Platform events. Because more services are being introduced over time.


Of course, we have a lot of other amazing sessions at this event as well.

For example, various SQL Server sessions which are not all Azure based. In reality, a lot of the things covered in these SQL Server sessions can also be used with the SQL Server related services in Azure.

In addition, we have some great sessions about Machine Learning and visualizations.

We also have a session presented by a married couple about ethics in modern data. Just the abstract alone for that one has made me think about the speaker statistics I showed in a previous post here. In reality, I think it’s going to give others food for thought as well.

Of course, there’s also the session about mental health and wellness in IT. Which I discussed in my last post and you can read in detail here.

I’m sure by now some of you have realized that there are no sessions relating to other cloud providers mentioned here. It’s simply because we did not have any strong session submissions relating to them.

Final word

Well I hope you enjoyed my list of Azure related topics at Data Community Weekender Europe. It was certainly an eye opener for me because it was the first time that I’d really thought about it in detail.

Of course, I think all 42 of the sessions we are hosting this Saturday are amazing. However, I’ll openly admit I am bias about that. Because I’m still getting use to the fact that this all due to one tweet.

Anyway, if you want to attend Data Community Weekender Europe you can sign up on the meetup page here.

Azure related topics at Data Community Weekender Europe
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