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Interesting Azure DevOps Extension workaround

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I thought I would cover an interesting Azure DevOps Extension workaround I did recently. Because I was due to speak about Azure Boards at SQLBits this week.

A while ago I was using a virtualized desktop provided by a client to test various things. For instance, different ways to query SQL Server related backlog items within Azure Boards.

One of the ways I wanted to test this was by using the Azure DevOps Extension for Azure Cli. Which is another way you can interact with Azure DevOps without using the portal.

You can read more about this extension in detail here.

I had previously installed Azure Cli as part of Visual Studio 2019. However, when I went to install the Azure DevOps Extension I got an error.

After further investigation it turned out it was due to security at the clients end. In reality, I had a few different options I could have tried to get it to work on the virtual desktop.

However, using some of those methods may have compromised the client. So, I tried going to the Azure Cloud Shell website here instead, which appeared to work from the client’s virtual desktop.

After logging in I was able to install the Azure DevOps extension.

Afterwards, I was able to run some queries against a backlog board.


Just a word of warning if looking to use Azure Cloud Shell. When you first start using you are asked to create storage somewhere.

I recommend you keep an eye on this to avoid creating it in the wrong subscription. Otherwise you might have some explaining to do.


My point to all this is that when you experience an issue take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Because sometimes we are so close to a problem we look at it with a very narrow view.

See if what you want to achieve can be done in a much simpler way.

Final word

I hope my post about my interesting Azure DevOps Extension workaround has given some of you something to think about.

In addition, for those who found my April Fools, the real link for the details about the Azure DevOps Extension for Azure Cli can be found here.

Once the social isolation is over I look forward to discussing Azure Boards in more detail at SQLBits.

Meanwhile, if anybody has any views or comments about this post feel free to leave a comment.

Interesting Azure DevOps Extension workaround
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