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Everybody has different levels of stress

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In this post I want to discuss the fact that everybody has different levels of stress in certain situations. Because I feel it is very relevant at the moment.

We are living in times which are very stressful for a lot of people. With this in mind, I am hoping that this post will help people realise why others are more stressed or calm then they currently are.

In reality, there are countless posts out there on how to deal with stress. However, a lot of these posts are based on the individuals own stress levels.

In addition, I have noticed a lot of tension recently which I think is due to a lack of empathy .

So, I think it is necessary to point out that different people have different levels of stress in certain situations.


For example, in the workplace somebody could accidentally delete a SQL Server database. Very often in this situation there are people panicking and others who are a lot calmer.

Of course, the same applies for many other situations outside of work as well. Especially as far as the current Coronavirus situation is concerned.

People in a high-risk area are understandable more stressed then others. In addition, so will people who have friends and family in those areas.

In addition, people have different views about the Coronavirus which I have noticed is also causing some tension.


When dealing with others who appear to have a different stress level then you, try and see things from their point of view.

Whether or not you end up agreeing with them is entirely up to you. All I am suggesting is to have some empathy for them.

In reality, this is something I have to do a lot myself these days. Because I have been in an extremely stressful situation in the past, which I discussed in a previous post here.

Due to this, my stress levels are not always the same as others in certain situations. For instance, on occasion people see things more severe than I do.

Final word

I hope this post about the fact that everybody has different levels of stress in certain situations has given people food for thought.

Of course, if you have your own views about empathy or how others could deal with stress feel free to leave a comment.

Everybody has different levels of stress
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  1. A friend of mine was on the bomb squad in the Israeli army. I love his attitude about stress, hahaha. “Whatever happens in the database, nobody’s going to die today. We can do this.” Really helps reset perspectives.

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