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Keep checking Azure for changes

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In this post I want to remind people to keep checking Azure for changes. Because there are so many updates coming out for Azure these days it’s easy to miss things.

For example, last year Microsoft introduced Azure Home. Which is an alternative to the traditional dashboards you can see in when you first enter the Azure Portal.

In addition, there was a fairly significant Portal update for SQL Server related services in Azure last year. Because Microsoft also introduced Azure SQL.

Which is a one stop place where you can view all your SQL Server services you have created.

In addition, you can create more in Azure SQL with easy to use wizards. You can also view any Azure SQL Datawarehouse services you have as well, by drilling down into the logical SQL Server for it.

You can see both Azure Home and Azure SQL in action in a video I did previously here. Alternatively, you can read the post about them here instead.

Another key point about SQL Server related services in Azure is that new features are added to them all the time. As well as preview features.

Of course, at work you may be deploying managing these services using PowerShell or ARM templates. However, it’s always useful to check the portal now and again for new things.

Another key point here is that the above applies to all services in Azure, not just SQL Server.

Azure DevOps

In addition to the Azure Portal, you should keep an eye on Azure DevOps as well. Because there are frequent updates there.

For example, how many of you who use Azure DevOps realised that in Azure Pipelines the ‘Build’ option was replaced by ‘Pipelines’ so you can work with yaml by default now?

In addition, how many of you have noticed new features that have been added to your Azure DevOps projects?

Final word

I hope this post reminds some of to keep checking Azure for changes. I understand how easy it is to use something once and then not look again for a while.

If you are one of these people I do suggest you look now. Because you might be pleasantly surprised.

Keep checking Azure for changes
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