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Speaking at SQL Saturday Toruń

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In this post I want to cover speaking at SQL Saturday Toruń.

Toruń is a historic city in Poland and is the birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus. Who formulated a model of the universe that placed the Sun at the center of the universe instead of Earth.

Anyway, due to flight delays and some convincing to reroute me to another airport I was able to arrive in Toruń late on the Friday evening.

I was glad to finally make it to the event on Saturday and pleased that everybody there was really friendly. In addition, it was a well organised event and everybody involved should be very proud.

I was very impressed by the high quality of knowledge there. Even more so when I discovered that some of the speakers were lecturers.

Another thing that impressed me was the Azure Truck outside. Basically, a team of experts have restored a van to have cutting edge technology inside it.

In addition, it has a solar panel on top of it as well to help with power. You can read more about the van in detail by following it on twitter (@AzureTruck).

My wife came along as well, and she got a chance to enjoy the historic city whilst we were there.

Final word

I really enjoyed speaking at SQL Saturday Toruń and would gladly go back again if asked. Plus, I highly recommend going to the SQL Saturday there in the future.

Next conference I’m speaking at is the dataMinds Connect conference, which I will be speaking at on Tuesday 8th October. If you are interested in attending you can find out more about that conference in detail here.

To finish off this post I’ll leave you with my own picture of the very impressive Azure Truck.

Speaking at SQL Saturday Toruń
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