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New certification and SQL Saturday Cork

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In this post I want to cover gaining a new certification and SQL Saturday Cork. Because last month was one very busy June for yours truly.

Due to the fact that I had somehow managed to squeeze gaining a new Azure certification, going on holiday and speaking at SQL Saturday Cork.

Of course, it meant less posts. However, I accomplished a lot last month though so very proud of it.

Basically, I was due to go away on holiday halfway through last month, so I had to complete some things before then.

New certification

Before I was due to go on holiday I had to attempt the AZ-102 Microsoft transition exam. I had to do this because it was due to expire at the end of June.

I took the exam morning that I was due to go away on holiday in the hope that I would pass.

Luckily, I did pass, and I gained the new style Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate certification.

If you’re looking to do a SQL Server or Azure related exam feel free to read a previous post of mine about tips here.

Admittedly, that alone would have made it one very busy June. However, I still had one other thing to do after my holiday.

SQL Saturday Cork

After my holiday I was due to fly to Ireland to present at SQL Saturday Cork. Which took place on the last Saturday of the month.

So, before I went on holiday I added some SQL Server 2019 content to my session and rehearsed the new material.

Now, anybody who has attended this session knows this is no easy task. Mostly due to the fact this session is more complex than most sessions.

Anyway, after coming back from my holiday I stayed at the airport overnight. Early the next day I began my travels to Ireland to speak at SQL Saturday Cork.

After my travels, I performed my session and it seemed to be well received. In fact, as promised I did upload the slides for the start and the end of the session here.

Final word

As you can see I had one very busy June gaining a new certification and attending SQL Saturday Cork. As well as the holiday inbetween.

Now, I have other things I must focus on. Of course, I will continue to post more technical posts as well.

Finally, I’d like to thank Mark, Seán, Varsha and Deepthi. Because they hosted a fantastic event in Cork. Of course, that extends to everybody else who was involved with it as well.

New certification and SQL Saturday Cork
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