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T-SQL Tuesday #113 – What I use databases for

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T-SQL Tuesday #113 - What I use databases for

For this months T-SQL Tuesday contribution I cover what I use databases for.

Because this month’s T-SQL Tuesday asks the question about what we use databases for. Previously, I use to use personal databases for all kinds of weird and wonderful things.

However, nowadays most of the databases I create in my free time are to test new things. For example, checking SQL Server features for posts or doing stuff in the cloud.

Future of personal data

Now the other question posed by Todd as part of this post was where I see the in the future for organizing personal data. Currently, I see that a lot of people are storing data in a database to a degree.

However, a lot of it probably goes unnoticed. For example, there’s various information you can store in applications on modern smartphones. Currently, you can use them to enter all kinds of data, which then gets stored somewhere online.

Over time, I potentially see more smartphone services being offered that are based on existing cloud services. Which would probably bring the cost of some cloud related services down.

In addition, it would allow people to use them more in their mobile devices.

I will leave it there though for now because I am now thinking about the idea of SQL Server running on Android devices.

Now that would be an interesting situation, however this post is about data.

Final word

Well that’s it for me in this post and I hope nobody was too disappointed with the truth.

Instead I could have made up some weird and wonderful fantasy database. However, I feel that’d just be cheating and I thought I’d rather be honest.

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