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SQLBits 2019

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Last week I went to SQLBits 2019 in Manchester. I had a good experience there as both an attendee and a speaker. So I decided to write a short recap about it

Training days

As always, the quality of the sessions there were amazing again this year. I went to both Bob Ward’s and Buck Woody’s training days and I got a lot out of both.

My session

After the training days it was time for the general sessions, including my own one. Because it was an audience interactive session it changed depending on what decisions they made.

As you can imagine it’s very involved and the format is complex. Therefore, I don’t provide the full slides for it, just the shortened version that you can view here.

However, I can provide you with some links to previous posts that relate to topics covered in the session.

Other conversations

In addition, it was good to help with other conversations over the weekend relating to SQL Server on Linux and Azure Stack.

With this in mind, if anybody else wondering about companies using SQL Server on Linux in production you can read the customer stories here.

In addition, if anybody else deals with SQL Server and they want to know more about Azure Stack you can read my previous post here.


Another key point about events like SQLBits are that they are a very good way to network. You can catch up with people and meet new people in the industry.

SQLBits proves that networking certainly doesn’t have to be boring. The event is famous for it’s themed parties that take place during the event.

This year the entertainment for the Friday night themed party was amazing. In addition, it was also good to see so many guests making the effort to dress up.

So, hats off to everybody who dressed up for the party this year. Me and the wife drove down to the south of the Netherlands for our outfits.

My wife looked amazing in her red Charleston style outfit, but what others did was above and beyond.


Now, I do have to remember to thank a few people in this post.

Firstly, the SQLBits team for selecting my session.

Secondly, I must thank Brent Ozar, Glenn Berry, Paul Randal and Kimberly Tripp for giving me permission to reference their scripts as I thought the session was being recorded.

Thirdly, I must thank SentryOne team for allowing me to reference Plan Explorer.

Fourthly, everybody involved in making the event possible, and that includes the sponsors and the constantly busy volunteers. One thing that must be remembered is that without them events like this wouldn’t be possible.

Final word

Well that’s my last SQLBits post done for now, if I get selected again maybe you will see another one.

However, feel free to share your SQLBits experience below as a comment.

SQLBits 2019
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