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T-SQL Tuesday #111 – Why I do what I do

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T-SQL Tuesday #111

Hello and welcome to my T-SQL Tuesday #111 contribution. It’s based on the question why I do what I do. If you want to know more about this month’s topic you can click on the T-SQL Tuesday logo.

There are a fair few reasons why I do certain things. Passion, to help others, and to give back to the community.


I’ve always been keen on learning new stuff to do with computers. My parents brought my first computer for me when I was young, and I had magazines every week that provided me programs I could write.

In fact, when I was at school I was selected as part of a gifted child program to do a presentation. And I chose to do one based on computers.

I admit it was not the best presentation, but hey all starts are difficult. Along the years new technology and learning about them became a passion of mine.

I have a fair few certifications which I discussed in a previous post about study tips here. I keep up to date with certifications because I’m a firm believer that certifications are very useful.

They help formalise the knowledge you have, and they give confidence to others that you know what you are talking about. Which is very important. For example, in the workplace or when you are presenting.

SQL Server Community

As well as the work I do for clients, I enjoy helping others in other ways. For example, I started this blog last year to share my experiences and to help others.

Plus, I’ve done a fair amount of work within the SQL Server community over the years in Europe.


In fact, over the years I’ve personally funded attending various SQL Server events. Both in Europe and the US. To see fresh content and how SQL Server events are in different places.

I’m hoping one day to finally go to a SQL Server event in Australia. Because that’s where I originally met my wife many years ago, in Alice Springs of all places.

Over the last decade I have been involved with events in various ways. Including being a volunteer and a speaker. Because, I enjoy doing things for the community and I want to give back.

Previously, I’ve also gone out of my way to help people at these events. For instance, steering people into the direction of the Community Corner at events like SQLBits.

I do this because I think it’s good to encourage people, and sometimes it gives me a sense of satisfaction that I have done a good deed.

In addition, I’ll always remember one speaker who was extremely nervous about speaking in the UK for the first time. So, after my wife explained the situation to me I went and sat in his session. After about ten minutes I was able to walk out though because he had it handled.


Now and again answer questions on the #sqlhelp hashtag on twitter. I do this to help give back, and in memory of somebody who helped me out a lot.


Outside of technology I have been involved in some charity work in the past. For example I did the Prudential Ride in London for Team MacMillan. For those of you who are not aware, MacMillan is a cancer charity that is based in the UK.

They supported my late partner whilst she was ill and was about to start her chemo, so was least I could do. I had a training plan and spent twelve weeks intense training before doing the ride.

Final word

Well that’s all from me in this post for T-SQL Tuesday #111. Hopefully it’s given you an insight into some of my past and present motivations.

I’m very grateful to everybody who’s helped me stay motivated over the years. Including members of the SQL Server community, all the Merriott Wheelers cyclists and my wife.

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