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A one stop post for Data Platform one stop posts

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Now some of you are probably wondering what on earth this post is about. I thought I would do something different since I am getting ready to attend the Pass Summit in the USA for the first time ever. Which I am looking forward to a lot.

Since a lot of members of the Data Platform community will be there I thought I would cover some Data Platform one stop posts for certain items. You know the kind of post you go to that’s a one stop place for something.

I’ll be the first to admit it’s not a complete list. Feel free to comment on others you feel should be included. Since I live in Europe I will cover my fellow Europeans first.

Hugo Kornelis

I’ve decided to do Hugo’s post first since we live in the same country. He’s been very busy and compiled a list of all the current execution plan operators for SQL Server and their icons here.

Wolfgang Strasser

In this post Wolfgang has been busy collecting links to all the Power Platform sites. Hence there is a wealth of knowledge if you follow the links he has gathered here.

Niko Neugebauer

If anybody is known for their knowledge about Columnstore indexes it’s Niko. He has compiled an impressive blog series of all things relating to Columnstore indexes. To date he has posted 126 separate posts relating to the workings of Columnstore here.

Vincent Rainardi

Over the years Vincent has compiled a very impressive list of who’s who in SSAS here.It’s an impressive list with a lot of familiar names in there. He’s taken the time to write about all of these so credit given where it’s due.

Paul Randal

With his extensive SQL internals knowledge Paul has compiled a two comprehensive libraries on SQL Server wait types and latches.  You can view the post about them here.

The anonymous sqlserverbuilds contributor(s)

I’ll admit I have no idea who compiles this list and neither do a fair few other members of the community. It’s an impressive list all the SQL Server build version numbers. So you can easily see which version of SQL Server you have here

If you follow the links it also lists all the database and SSMS versions as well. From the look of it they also cover SharePoint and Exchange versions as well. Whoever is responsible, kudos to you.


Microsoft’s Azure Customer Advisory team (AzureCAT) have published various white papers and ebooks over the years. You can now find the post detailing about the gallery for these here.

An honourable mention to…

An honourable mention to the late Robert Davis (SQLSoldier). When he gained his MCM certification I’m sure he posted his list of books he recommended for the exams. Even though I’ve not being able to find the post anywhere I’m still going to mention it to show just how helpful he was.

This week I’ve been thinking about him a bit. We talked online in the past and he personally recommended me for a job even though we had never met in person. Next week I was hoping to meet him in person and thank him for recommending me.

Other people in the community knew him a lot better than I did and I know he’s extremely missed. I wish Argenis Fernandez the best of luck in his current effort in keeping Roberts posts and his legacy online.

Final word

Well that’s it from me. Maybe I’ll see some of you at the PASS Summit. If you feel I have missed anybody out feel free to comment.

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