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Voting for SQLBits general sessions is now open

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For those of you that still have to attend SQLBits I will do a quick recap. SQLBits is the largest SQL Server event in Europe. Every year it’s hosted in a different location in the UK. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of going a lot. I’ve learnt new things and met amazing people.

Anyway, it was announced this week that voting for SQLBits
general sessions is now open. That means that if you are registered on the SQLBits website you can vote what sessions you want to see at SQLBits here. This way you can have your say in what sessions this event holds.

You will need to scroll down a lot this year on the site as the list is impressive. And it can still grow due to last minute entries before the deadline on 26th October. There is a large choice of submissions from speakers all over the world. Plus the variety is amazing. To give you an idea of how much variety there is I’ll do my own quick overview of submissions for the various tracks.

This year the voting list is impressive. As of the time of writing this post there is already a large choice of submissions from speakers all over the world. To give you an idea of how amazing the variety  is I’ll do a quick overview of submissions for the various tracks.


With its 165 submissions this is apparently the most popular track for the speakers. There’s a wide variety of BI submissions for this year’s event.including topics like Power BI and other Azure related offerings. In fact if you are keen on Power BI you are going to be spoilt for choice on which sessions to vote for.


For this track there are some very interesting submissions with a lot of variety. The focus on a lot of  these 144 submissions is on Performance Tuning and Azure. This highlights the way the future of DBA’s seems to be moving.

Yours truly has submitted a DBA session.  I have also submitted another session due to the popularity of my last Power BI post. It’d be an honour for me to present either of these at SQLBits. If you want to see either of these sessions there then feel free to vote for them.


Another track which has a large amount of variety in it. I make it 94 submissions so far at the time of writing this post. A lot of sessions about the internals of SQL Server here, as well as plenty about Azure offerings.

Career Development

Now this track has some very useful sessions in its 19 submissions. A lot of them relating to soft skills: presentation skills and being a consult. If you’re thinking about becoming a future speaker then it’s worth voting for one of these sessions.

Final word

Well that’s a quick review from me. I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read my personal views on the submissions. However these are my own views so take your time and vote for the sessions you want to see. At the end of the day your vote counts.

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