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Definition of Data Platform for SQL Server professionals

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I thought long and hard about what to write for my second post after my first. However, after running a poll recently on Twitter I made my decision. So, this post is about the definition of Data Platform for SQL Server professionals.

Twitter Poll

I ran the below poll on Twitter recently and got a very interesting response.

As you can see 83% who voted don’t think Oracle should be embraced as part of Data Platform. To me this is interesting. Especially since some SQL Server professionals also work with Oracle. It  questions how the Data Platform term is being interpreted?

Other Data Platform offerings

Now a lot of people who have a SQL Server background are embracing other related Data Platform offerings.  Plus, because the cloud is becoming over more popular people are becoming skilled in other cloud offerings.  Due to other demands some have embraced platforms which are currently unrelated to SQL Server.

Even more events are branding themselves with the Data Platform term as well.

Definition of Data Platform

I’ve looked to see if there’s a solid definition of Data Platform online. Sites like Wikipedia do not have a solid definition for it. Other sites have their own definitions of what makes a Data Platform.

So, what does this mean. Is the term open to interpretation by all? Should it include every platform that deals with data? When people with a SQL Server background use the phrase do they mean SQL Server related Data Platforms? Do they actually mean Microsoft related Data Platform offerings?

Final thought about definition of Data Platform

I hope my post thoughts about definition of Data Platform for people with a SQL Server background stirs up thoughts in others.

In a time where the industry is moving faster than ever before I suspect it’s still open to interpretation. However, it’s definitely something to think about.

Definition of Data Platform for people with a SQL Server background
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